How I Met Your Mother- The Ninth Season How I Met Your Mother- The Ninth Season "The Locket"/S9E1 Grade: B+ 185206201 "Coming Back"/S9E2 Grade: B+ 185206202 "Last Time In New York"/S9E3 Grade: A- 185206200 "The Broken Code"/S9E4 Grade: B- 187271575 "The Poker Game"/S9E5 Grade: B+ 187271576 "Knight Vision"/S9E6 Grade: A- 187271568 "No Questions Asked"/S9E7 Grade: B 187271569 "The Lighthouse"/S9E8 Grade: A- 187271570 "Platonish"/S9E9 Grade: A 187271571 "Mom And Dad"/S9E10 Grade: B 187271572 "Bedtime Stories"/S9E11 Grade: B+ 187271573 "The Rehearsal Dinner"/S9E12 Grade: A 187271574 "Bass Player Wanted"/S9E13 Grade: B 187793881 "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment In Slapmarra"/S9E14 Grade: A- 195484152 "Unpause"/S9E15 Grade: A 195484153 "How Your Mother Met Me"/S9E16 Grade: A- 195484156 "Sunrise"/S9E17 Grade: A- 195484155 "Rally"/S9E18 Grade: A- 195484150 "Vesuvius"/S9E19 Grade: B+ 195484154 "Daisy"S9E20 Grade: A 195484157 "Gary Blauman"/S9E21 Grade: A- 195484151 "The End Of The Aisle"/S9E22 Grade: B+ 195484158 "Last Forever, Part One" Grade: A- 195484160 "Last Forever, Part Two" Grade: A- 195484159