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Brooklyn Nine Nine: "Halloween III"/S3E5

Posted on October 26, 2015 at 4:40 PM

By Dhruv Rao

Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn't your conventional cop-comedy involving a terribly fat cop eating donuts, drinking coffee, and making bad decisions: the show instead plays on how the intellectual can have various nuances to their characters. A fine example to this stand-out trait of the show is its trio of Halloween episodes involving challenges that are almost impossible to overcome, and it always involves a multitude of background action that is eventually explained after a victor has emerged. The formula almost seems repetitive, but each year the writers manage to change the supporting actor's roles in the eventual heist to ensure that the audience has a different experience each time a Halloween episode airs. However, when the third installment of the show's Halloween special came by, it did pose a problem: how could this year's heist be different from previous years' when there can only be two possible victors? 

A: They used all the character development they've nicely sandwiched over the past year, most of which involved Amy and Jake's relationship. Placing Amy as both Peralta and Hoult's enemy was a smooth move by the writers, along with the formation of teams reminiscent of high school gym class. The plan itself is brilliant, to provide an alternate perspective of how the heist was done, but the one problem that lingers from within is how the characters seem to be so predictable to others in the show. The halloween episodes may be entertaining, but the sequence of events combined with the logic employed doesn't produce real results. This largely contrasts with the show's comedic view on the serious job of a police precinct which doesn't cliché the characters. 

The back-and-forth in relation to possesion of the crown was the show at its finest, as the jokes inserted were both intellectual and self-aware of the time period in which these episodes air. The idiosyncrasies were as they've always been, and I like it that way, simply because it brings the show closer to "iconic" status. For instance, Gina's constant condescending of her co-workers is analogous to Phoebe's odd beliefs and thoughts on Friends.

Grade: B+

Stray Observations:

- Boyle has an emergency costume in his car. And they say he has no Halloween spirit!

- "After zero consideration, I'm happy to say, 'Hard Pass!'"

- "If I die, turn my tweets into a book!" - Gina Linetti

- I love that handshake between Hoult and Terry!

- "Why does the word 'who' even exist if I'm not even allowed to say it?"

- Kudos to the writers for placing that Nadia twist at the end. 

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