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"The Proton Resurgence"/S6E22

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 5:10 AM

By Dhruv Rao

Bill Prady really should use the cast's full potential like he did last week. Excluding Mayim Bialik may have been a colossal error, as she would have added comedy that would've complimented that of Bob Newhart: the saviour of this week's episode. The episode visited Sheldon's childhood memories, minus the flashback. Therefore, I was disappointed.


Over the past two seasons, TBBT has explored its couples carefully and has given the audience a way to laugh other than, "That geek!" However, this week, it was all geeky jokes, and a few precious ones. An example of the latter would be Penny's placement of a dart on an imaginary cartesian coordinates to hit Sheldon's head. After that, the episode rolled down the hill with a significant friction.


Another blithe scene succeeded that of the dart. It was when Leonard incorrectly used the words "awesome" and "cool". However, I must admit, I really enjoyed the singing of the theme song.

Sheldon seemed unnatural this week, and also awkward: like Robin and Loretta's fictional dinner this week on HIMYM. Professor Proton displayed a simple experiment, and then had a heart problem, probably because of the flights of stairs he had to climb because his "friend", Sheldon Cooper, forgot to remind him that the elevator was out of order. How rude! Another reprising memory was Penny's beauty, to which even the 80-year old Arthur succumbed to, thus calling Leonard the real genius.


Sheldon makes Professor Proton extremely uncomfortable when he keeps asking for various displays and pictures for a calendar. The high point for him. At the hospital, they get a sort of telepathic father-son connection, which has proven itself to work well with TBBT.


The main plotline was fragile, and the writers didn't employ their best techniques. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the B-plot in the sense that it gave Bernadette and Howard to give having children a second chance. Raj hands his spoilt Cinnamon, with his girlish habits, to Howard to care for. They play a bit in the park, and Howard loses the dog. Another joke surfaces when Howard is turned on by Bernadette emulating Raj's accent. The next idea, which anyone could relate to, was Bernadette's anger over Raj not calling to inform them.


All I can say is that Bob Newhart and his reaction to Penny's "blondeness" saved the A-plot from completely collapsing. however, the B-plot provided a much more firm base.


Grade: B-

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