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"The Santa Simulation"/S6E11

Posted on December 13, 2012 at 7:00 AM

By Dhruv Rao

As TV's #1 Comedy, one would expect TBBT  to go traditional and get their holiday episode in their own style. Last year wasn't like that: it was more of a hope and tragic flashback episode with bullies which marked the first half of season five. However, this time they've played it very well with emotions and vanity rolled up in a Christmas casserole.

The thing with holiday episodes is that the never seem to be original: they "lift" concepts, ideas and even themes of other shows. Well, this time they kicked it off with a christmassy game of Dungeons and Dragons. So, each guy tells his girl that the former won't be available for the weekend as the programme has been made. All but Raj's latter seem to be hesitant about it. Stuart says that the night went up from Crazy to Epic. To that I say that this boyfriend-boyfriend relationship is shown after almost two months. In that time, they got Howard and Raj back on their friendship track. This episode centers mostly on Sheldon on Raj, so they get their own columns. The rest will be described following them.

i) Sheldon:

The episode got me wiping off my tears as I saw Sheldon weep for his grandpa when he was five. How poignant and emotionally deep this statement can get that his childhood was ruined by the removal of his grandad. So, when the game starts, he seems against the holiday theme but plays along. As Leonard asks each question and they respond, we see Sheldon going back to the Christian child he was many years ago. Knowing X'Mas carols is the start, just to keep the walls from squashing him.

Second is the notation and playing of Jingle Bells while trying to accomplish yet another achievement. And what was he enjoying while doing all this? An eggnog. Nice and lovely with a stocking by his side. So deep, yet funny simultaneously. And finally, a dream from christmas eve.

ii) Raj:

As an Indian, I would say that Raj isn't traditional and conservative. Buthe is certainly naive. I mean, he says things meaning them in an innocent way, but they get interpreted in the wrong direction. However, the main point is that he is lonely, and will always be. Maybe it's time for him to get a girl, but not like Laxmi from last season. This episode shows his loneliness while getting him on girl's night.

He gets into the bar and tries to get a girl, but the first one gives him an e-mail address tha shows him his real paths. While trying to secure his respect for Penny, he also offends Amy and gets Bernadette to give her angry face. It all starts with him saying that he was into Bernie until she got engaged and Penny until the truth. He gets into Amy after a small chat that warms him by knowing that he isn't the only one with social and love problems.

It starts with sitting on his own hand to make it numb. Then joining his hands together to feel as though he were shaking hands with another person. So, then Amy comforts him and makes him feel a little into him.

iii) The gang:

The gang holds the two plots together like glue. It starts with a mini fashion show with Forever 21 then Forever 63 and finally a sexy piece for Penny that got her out of some trouble. Eventually, they get Raj along to girls' night and they have a  great yet strange time. The guys hold Sheldon's one man show together by finishing missions, getting a holiday theme to the game and giving him an awry situation with Santa.

The episode was strong, but certainly not the show's best. The actual problem doesn't appear to unfold itself, but there are amazing details included in the script. A great holiday episode with a little twist is always a boon for the sitcom industry.

Grade: B 

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