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HIMYM- Expectations from season 8

Posted on September 15, 2012 at 7:45 AM

1) Well, a few of the episode titles have been leaked. In some, the plots haven't been revealed yet:

01- "Farhampton"- Robin's anxiety on her wedding day prompts Ted to recount the time he left Victoria's jilted fiance a note.

02- "The Pre-Nup"- Bob Odenkirk returns as Artillery Arthur and helps Barney sign the pre-nup with Quinn. This is the last appearance of Becki Newton so we will see what went wrong in the negotiations. This will be the first breakup of October.

03- "Nannies"- Marshall and Lily find a solution to spend time with the gang and take care of baby Marvin.

04- "Who Wants to Be a Godparent?"- This is a flash-forward episode which shows how Barney, Robin and Ted give Marvin advice while he grows up.

05- "Pauses and Paws"

06- "Splitsville"

2) A few more facts:

01- October will be called "The Relationship Bloodbath", where all three relationships* went a little crazy.

* Barney and Quinn

Robin and her crush Nick (portrayed by Michael Trucco)

Ted and Victoria

02- Abby Elliot will be a recurring star playing one of the most craziest girls the gang has met.

03- David Burtka returns as Scooter this season.

04- Klaus will be played by Thomas Lennon("Reno 911")

05- Towards the end of the season, maybe the finale, the slap will return as "Slapsgiving 3:The Slap Strikes Back" on May 6.

06- Towards the second half of the season, Robin and Barney will get engaged.

3) From us here at DR Club:

Well, it seems to be an exciting season that could surpass the 4th season as we scan through the content. However, we are still waiting anxiously for "Farhampton". From just the content and the recent preview , we would give the season an "A-". But, the entire grade could change depending on the plot's execution.



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