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"The Perspiration Implementation"/S9E5

Posted on October 19, 2015 at 6:40 PM

By Dhruv Rao 

It will take a while for Sheldon and Amy's breakup to officially sink in and not be a principal theme running in the episodes primarily because they were one of the two power couples which have received the significant amount of media coverage. This week's episode once again places the breakup at the forefront of the A-plot and the subplot,  with some significant results as to how the two are struggling to move on from each other. This season is already showin various signs of improvement from last season's lackluster overall plot: the writers seem more informed about what changes each character needs, much like how they shaped the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. Those three seasons were the show at its finest hour, as the characters were more dynamic and the comedy included was apt. The writers had lost that last season when they tried to reprise the scientific and nerdy aspects that dominated its earlier seasons. While the episodes still need a lot of polishing before a perfect equilibrium between the newfound comedy and original characteristics is found, the writers have upped the ante with the inclusion of both elements this season, and tonight's episode is no exception. 

The idea that Barry Kripke would be the one to ask Amy out had never occurred to me, but having Stuart do the same was good planning on the writers' end, considering his loneliness and the one date he had with Amy when Sheldon officially became her boyfriend. The tie-in of the subplot with the main plot doesn't actually happen until deep into the episode, but the signs of Stuart creeping on Amy are present throughout the half-hour as the ladies dissect exactly why the comic book store, even after regeneration, hasn't really seen many female customers. The subplot explores all the behind-the-scenes action involving Stuart's creepy and awkward behavior. The idea of Stuart's social awkwardness hasn't been explored much during the show's run due to the guys trying to escape their shells. However, now that their metamorphosis has reached fruition, the writers have finally turned to Stuart for that form of comedy. The reason why this plot works is that this type of comedy hasn't been overused for the past few years, thus the audience actually finds it funny. Had this plot aired during the time of Raj's selective mutism, it would have bombed due to the repetitiveness of the comedic style at the time. The choice of airing the subplot this week and the timing is a vindication of the writers' shrewdness of when to include certain jokes in the show. 

The A-plot takes on the athletic abilities of the guys, another comedic style which hasn't been explored much since the show started to invest its airtime into the couples. It also included a glimpse into Howard and Bernadette's marriage, which hasn't really received much attention after the wedding. The entire plot revolved around fencing lessons with Barry Kripke, the humor the guys' nerdiness added to the experience, and how eventually the A-plot tied in with the subplot of the episode. The humor included this week wasn't too heavy, which made the overall episode feel light although the writers were working with forces which could move the entire current focus of the show. The fleetingness of the plot and the smooth running into the Cooper-Kripke argument was another indication that writers are more in control of their thoughts on the show and the direction its heading in. While the audience doesn't know if the writers will get Sheldon and Amy to get back together, it is aware that the writers have a plan as to how the show will handle the gigantic tectonic movement in its dynamic.

Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

- Sheldon: "You had me at flag, lost me at football."

- Raj: "I'm here because I thought it would be like Game of Thrones."

- "That doctor didn't insult your honor; he just checked your prostate."

- "My name is Darth Vader. I am your father. Prepare to die!"

- "I told the weird owner that I liked his shirt: he took it off and gave it to me."

- I love how the show immediately cut to credits when Howard's cheating mechanism was caught.

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