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"The Graduation Transmission"/S8E22

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 1:05 PM

By Dhruv Rao

Last week I had discussed the various episodes of Big Bang which viewers seem to forget as they don't move any mountains or even contain an outrageous moment of laughter. I feel like many series have these kind of episodes because the writers have a specific plan for the season, but the ideas for this plan aren't exactly elastic accross all 24 episodes. For instance, last year when Sheldon finally told Amy that he loved her, the entire episode was above average. However, had the writers stretched the prom saga for more than one episode and made it an arc, it wouldn't have worked. Chuck Lorre and his team are talented, no doubt, but they aren't as talented as Carter and Craig, who skillfully stretched Barney's proposal over the first half of How I Met Your Mother's eighth season. Big Bang doesn't use any other elements except its comedy, so having one plotline as the backbone of a season isn't really a good idea. That's why I am slightly grateful for episodes like these. However, the inconvenience of these episodes is that the stories explored are rather dull and often monotonous, much like this season's Christmas episode when Leonard, Howard and Raj got stuck in a room with a bird.

This week's B-plot has a very eerie similarity with the bird plot. A couple of physics majors trying to fix a drone isn't a very strong story to go with, but that isn't the gist of this week's rendezvous with The Big Bang Theory. Tonight's episode dealt heavily with emotions in very different ways. Leonard's graduation speech through Skype has a more poignant meaning than Penny organizing it. The final words he spoke were the ones which truly came from the heart, the ones which made the entire story worth it. There may have been a few comic lines in the speech, but the overall meaning was something we had heard of in the earlier seasons. Leonard may have transformed over the course of this show, but he surely didn't forget the days he was treated as if he weren't a human. The speech realy was the stand-out moment from the episode because it was the last thing you would expect from a filler like this one.

The B-plot involves Raj manipulating his parents into giving him more money, and while it isn't the most interesting plot aired on television, it is pretty entertaining to see the competition between divorced parents. Raj's reactions whenever he stepped back into the apartment was another entertaining detail of tonight's mediocre Big Bang. It also offered an insight into Indian culture where a divorce is more meaningful and poignant than in an American society. Raj's ability to act like he misses his perfect family is a typical example of an idealist Indian society, which has often been the topic of discussion between critics of Hindi-language films. The slight nudge at the over-emotional side of Indian parents is surely going to receive some backlash from the critics who support idealistic Indian culture, but the more open-minded and modern critics will let it slide as it is just comedy, and not a documentary. People need to learn how to laugh at life and its quirky little details. 

As far as the accessory idea of the drone is concerned, I have nothing to say except that Sheldon finally admired Howard for his degree from MIT. This detail adds on to the list of why this episode may be above other fillers the show has aired in the past, as it has a few moments which had never been seen in the episodes that first come to mind when you hear the show's name. These few idea; however, can't compensate for the poor comedy throughout and the lack of Mayim Bialik.

Grade: B-

Stray Observations:


Stray Observations:

- Howard (to the drone): "Where were you when I was single?"

- Howard: "Sheldon, I have a Masters' degree in Engineering; I wipe my bottom with warranties, except for Apple Care, that pays for itself in the long-run."

- Leonard in a Sexy Graduate costume just cracks me up!

- Call Tech-Support? Blasphemous!

- Penny: "Don't do drugs, and stay in school!" Leonard: "They're graduating!"

- Leonard's re-routed speech was hilarious. I wish someone gave a speech like that at my highschool graduation!

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