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Why we stopped reviewing A to Z...

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 5:50 PM

By Dhruv Rao

When NBC announced their Fall 2015 lineup, I was elated to see this show as one of the new sitcoms airing on NBC. Thus, I decided to add the show to our regular coverage at The DR Club. At first, the show was like an action-packed short film; however, after the third episode, I felt like every episode moved very slowly, and the plots didn't really seem to intrigue me as much as those of previous episodes did. After the calamity that we can call "D is for Debbie", I knew that NBC would be doubtful to renew the show beyond its 13-episode order, and boy! was I right! NBC soon cancelled the series and the ratings continued to decrease. As the next few episodes aired, I completely lost interest in the show and I eventually stopped writing the reviews for it becuase then writing would be more of a job rather than my passion. I started this website to express my opinions and elaborate on what I interpreted from various plotlines and dialogues. And A To Z's one-dimensional method of storytelling bored me. I had then decided to stop reviewing the sitcom, as there was not much to observe or even writre about for that matter...

Series Grade: B- 

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