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"The Indecision Amalgamation"/S7E19

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 1:15 AM

By Dhruv Rao

I recently joined my friends in watching an episode of Blossom, the show Mayim Bialik was known for even before her role as Amy on this show. Her acting was phenomenal, and her chemistry with Neil Patrick Harris was too good. It was hard to believe that these were the same people that would turn into Barney Stinson and Amy Farrah Fowler. Now, one may not even imagine the two characters belnding. This shows how actors are liquid: they take up any shape they are immersed in, if they give it their 100%. That shows why I really love Bialik's inclusion in this series. Sometimes, she's in the background, but boy does she know how to steal the limelight. This week, her scene with Sheldon regarding the butter was a perfect example of how over-acting is sometimes a positive thing: her overdramatic dialogues led to a spirited, bogus discussion on XBOX ONE vs. PS4. The culmination of the argument, "Please pass the butter!" is what stands out in this episode, especially because Bialik really does nail that dialogue with the perfect body language. 

Other than that scene, the episode seemed rather flat. The plots had an interconnection of the indecision between two choices; however, together the stories seemed to have an odd effect because so much was happening in a short period of time. The episode was no doubt funny, but with a time constraint of half an hour, you can't really expect the viewer to remember anything but funny punchlines and various little images in his head. (That was the exact same problem with the How I Met Your Mother finale, but my article on that is coming soon.)  However, let's disect the episode, shall we?

The A-plot was interesting because it not only involved some continuity in regard to Penny's highly underdeveloped character, but it also introduced Wil Wheaton as a character who can also interact with other members of the cast other than Sheldon. The indecision regarding Penny's career makes sense, as this time of her life is critical: she is burning through her savings, she needs work and money, and she owes Leonard a car! However, the movie Serial Apeist: Monkey See, Monkey Kill isn't really living up to its "expectations". Well, anyway, the plot leads to a melancholy discussion with Wil. That scene was really well-written, but Leonard's cutting line reminded us that The Big Bang Theory is a comedy, not a drama. (I'm happy that the show finally recognizes its true nature after a few weeks of ups-and-downs.)

The B-plot was rather amusing as Sheldon's the breakout character of the sitcom. Anything that happens to him directly affects the episode's potential of being a good one. Sheldon's geekiness is sometimes a good thing, especially in this case, when his geekiness is accompanied by a puerile dilemma and his relationship with Amy.  The grouping of the couples in this episode is different than previous ones because this week isn't about strengthening the relationship, but about how one partner's problem is made worse by another. Amy's intervention in Sheldon's futile dilemma is the least helpful, as she creates another problem: which surround system? The problems Amy creates are not negative; it shows that unlike Sheldon she has an open mind and acts like any other human would. This side of Amy has slowly folded out over the past few years, and it has caused Sheldon to become more free-spirited. That's why the writers plan is a good one (it's also very slow). Raj's stories have become more entertaining now than they ever were. I really enjoy this "new" side of him, and it's nice to see him have more of a life now than ever before. Leonard's line describing his situation was hilarious ("Playa!"). However, the Lucy-story was a drag that shouldn't have been elaborated (Thank God! I hate that woman!). It's gonna be really interesting if Raj keeps seeing this woman: she's humble, she's equally weird (we assume. I mean, she's into Raj!) and she's kinda pretty (not in a Penny way, but a simple way). I hope that she stays in Raj's romantic life for a while, at least enough time for us to be comfortable around her.

So, why doesn't this hilarious episode get a perfect A? A: There's too much going on in one half-hour episode. It's too much to retain or even summarize. However, the last scene's comedy might have helped in the episode's grade...

Grade: B+

Stray Observations:

- Leonard: "Why did I pee before deciding to move in here?" Many people may hate Leonard's new condescending tone towards Sheldon, but I absolutely love it.


- Bernadette: "They put her in a medically induced coma before she read the card, so you know silver linings."


- The scene when the cast ask each other if they saw anyone else behind the other's back is hilarious. For once, a loud scene is truly breath-taking!


- Sheldon: "A quarter." Amy: "You could've given it back to me. That was a choice."


- Sheldon's childish cry ("I don't know.") is a perfect example of how great of an actor Jim Parsons is.


- The final scene is a perfect end to this hilarious episode. Wil Wheaton in a chimpanzee costume and a bikini is something you would never expect.

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