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"The End Of The Aisle"/S9E22

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 10:25 PM

By Dhruv Rao



The line that called the heart tonight was Robin's "Where'd you find the Locket, Ted?" It made his entire chase behind this estranged wedding gift a game of Clue which Robin somehow instantaneously won. And that's what this week's "The End Of The Aisle" talked about: the truth, and nothing but vowing to be truthful.


Wedding vows are often overrated: they are simple cheesy promises a groom and bride make to each other to commemorate their marriage. It sounds clicheed, it looks clicheed, but you can't do anything but let your heart melt at the sight of a couple turning their courtship into a lasting relationship. The final few scenes briefly showed the process Barney and Robin went through during their hour at the end of the aisle. The flashes of the most-anticipated wedding of the television season was made so small by the writers in a matter of minutes. It will never be just a wedding. It's a sensation to see the crazy minima and maxima the gang went through during the span of a weekend. And, now, after eight months of stalling, the writers finally squeezed the wedding out of their minds and gave us a glimpse at how difficult it would be for the gang to say goodbye in a few hours. The three plotlines ran at different speeds, but they ran on a parallel theme: love, marriage, commitment, etc.


The A-plot involved the Locket tonight. It may have not been introduced formally as the others, but it was something to marvel at nevertheless. Last season, we ended the search of Robin and Barney on the note that Ted might steal Robin with this Locket. I never thought that the writers might turn it into something bigger than that: season nine revolved around Ted's acquisition of The Locket. The suspense ended in "Sunrise", where most of us incorrectly assumed that it had been under the Bay Bridge, just lying there. Tonight, Ted showed us just way he loves Robin: he dove in just to surprise her with the wedding gift that could ruin everything. The plot was wrapped nicely with Robin trying to leave the chapel with Ted, and Ted finally letting go of Robin, because the words he wanted to hear didn't sound right. And the beautiful goodbye is exactly what we needed: his heart is where it is supposed to be, and Robin's insanity is controlled.


On that note, the B-plot involving the pre-wedding jitters and cold feet was the writers on familiar ground. The plot wasn't really the most "original" of all of them, but each show does it a little differently. The situations are handled differently. HIMYM, in this case, uses the friends with their complicated stories and relationships to soothen the to-be-weds. Each overreaction came with a story or a piece of advice that reassured the viewers that the writers know what they're doing. And that's why we all love this show. The writers tease a possible Ted-Robin reunion when Robin freaks out, then they tease her leaving the altar alone. Finally, they spin the story to Robin meeting the Mother and getting her cold feet cured. The three breaths were like a remedy to the disease that paralyzes a lot of brides on their wedding day. The writers may not be original, but they do know how to make it feel like their own.


Finally, there's that Marshmallow-Lilypad story that lines the episode into the womb of the show. On the surface, it may be about renewing their vows. However, the true essence that the writers tried their best to express was that love doesn't have to be perfect. As future Ted said, you can try your best to be perfect, but you just can't do it. The renewal of the vows shows that even the best and cutest of couples sometimes have their own differences. It's heart-warming and funny, but yet again the "vows version 2.0" idea has been seen before. Just one more episode left, folks! It has been a great nine years for a sitcom whose end is already defined. The stories we've made, the characters we've been acquaianted to, the laughs we've experienced and the memories that formed will all be condensed into an hour-long series finale next week. I hope it's more original than its preceding one..

Grade: B+

Stray Observations:


- Lily: "We're Marshmallow and Lilypad, bitch!"

- Marshall: "That photo got all over Friendster and Myspace and man! 2007 was a long time ago."

- Barney's initials are BS. How could I have never noticed it in that context?

- Lily and Marshall's renewed vows are scarily detailed, real and absolutely hilarious. (Giving each other a peaceful douce, not pointing out dog erections, pointing out green stuff in each other's teeth, romancing each other even when they're covered in vomit, not getting interuppted neither getting angry, stop petitioning Paul McCartney to let Weird Al record a special song, crying less in this pregnancy)

- The Mother was a detective as a kid. What a coincidence!

- The last slap has been delivered! Barney is finally free!

- Marshall's various puns with the word "vow".

- Patrice: "You've never looked more beautiful, Robin." Robin: "Nobody asked you, Patrice."

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