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Posted on February 24, 2014 at 8:50 PM

 By Dhruv Rao



We all knew from day one that the writers wouldn't let the series get over without Ted and Robin's arc getting an elaborate closing ceremony. Their story has gone through so much over the course of eight years, and to see this novel (not chapter, because this has run for a sufficiently long time) culminating brings tears to the fans' eyes. However, in a more positive sense, this episode is as important as the previous one. Now, both Ted and the Mother are done being haunted: they're ready to move on, and this decision will influence hugely the end result.

The end result is the central theme of "Sunrise". How does Ted end all his communication with his top 5 ex-girlfriends? (Might I say, great marketing tactic employed in the promo. Bravo!) It was critical that these failed relationships be brought up right before Ted gets his redemption for waiting for so many years. Firstly, there's Stella. That right there blew me away. I mean, Stella? After 5 years? I was most invested in that arc out of the 3 described. (But I love Victoria the most. She's LEGEN...Wait For It...DARY!) Although on the surface the episode talks about the best relationships Ted's had, beneath the surface it's about The Locket, and how losing it is the best thing that has ever happened to him. The Locket is Robin's ghost which still seems to haunt him, but now that Jeanette threw it away, Ted can finally move on and let Robin go. (Both figuratively and literally: the graphics guy had Robin floating in the air like the balloon Ted lost as a kid).

Letting go can be difficult, but when the thing which you hold as your own stops you from growing as a person, it's time to finally admit that you don't really need it. The consolation prize that Barney will receive at the end of the aisle is actually better than the one-night stands, the strip clubs and the "hunting" he used to do at bars before. The writers confused me for the B-plot of the episode. I kept wondering about why Barney would get drunk and teach boys how to stay single when he was happily not "broken". Robin makes him happier and complete, so why would he throw it all away for a night with some single boys? It's elementary, my dear Watson! Barney is handing over the game to these two guys because he's done with it. He's got Robin now. The playbook's been demolished, and he hands them a hand-written copy. Good luck to these people in the future!

Let's get back onto Ted. As we discuss his past relationships and how they've failed, Ted finally reveals the secrets he's been hiding from Robin. Robin uncovers the truth about Victoria, and Ted finally reveals something we've been waiting for him to disclose since november of 2012! However, the writers didn't make a mountain out of a molehill: they quickly progressed on to how it would be awkward between the friends (remember when Victoria suggested that it would eventually get awkward? #Continuity). Then, Ted got down and told Robin the second big reveal of the season: he's moving to Chicago. Also, the writers let the moment slide pass with a small amount of friction. I think the writers had to end the Ted-Robin arc and get the plot moving after this episode. And that's why this show truly deserves that emmy!

The first two plots had nothing to do with the C-plot, but that has nothing to do with its gravity in the show. For a situation so grave, the writers decided to deal with the situation from Marshall's face of the coin through a series of fictional sequences. These emotional dialogues revealed what a beautiful and strong relationship Lily and Marshall have had since day one. They have had their low moments, but who hasn't? The discussions made about marriage may be found to be "cheesy", but it's the sappy habits that retain their value for life. Their comforting, warm and tend to end an episode on a sweeter note. I've found that HIMYM's clichés always have a certain quality which regular clichés don't: it's the method of storytelling. HIMYM's stamp of storytelling always amazes me, and I hope that HIMYD will be able to live up to that.

The continuation of "Sunrise" had some motherous action in it. However, the episode's plot was irrelevant: it talked about Barney's worst hangover. On the surface, one would directly assume that the episode would be completely pointless to the final outcome of the series. However, I would reason that just because the series is nearing its ending doesn't necessarily imply that every episode should build on the finale. Episodes like those are stellar, but they make the fans melancholy: the fans realize that the show doesn't have much left in it...

But episodes like "Rally"and "Platonish" make the series seem like it's in the middle of its run: the classic jokes keep coming, and the characters are the most natural. In this episode, a lot of our favorite gags returned and put a smile on our face after a long Monday. Firstly, there was the gang's "tendency" to drink excessively and then to vow to never drink (as much) again. A good example would be "False Positive" when Robin was puking her guts out due to the worst New Year's hangover. Another example would be when Marshall saw a few videos of him striking on campus completely nude. He swore to never get drunk again and broke the vow the very next day. These little jokes are everywhere in the series, and they've given the show a life, a heart and a soul. For example, when Robin and Lily made out, and Robin was more into it than Lily, I truly admired the fleet writing of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. They've made these characters so natural and down-to-earth than I find it difficult to let them go. Another example from tonight's episode involved the fixer ellixer, aka Barney. It was just so amazing how he used the placebo effect to get his friends up and running. You know, Barney does have his selfish moments, but when he wants to care about his friends, he will care more than anyone possibly can. It's those small moments in this show that make us love it even more, and this episode gave us plenty...

Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

- Whenever the gang talks about Victoria, I think of that song by The Kinks that was played on the show in "The Naked Truth."

- Ted's friends have an e-mail chain going on about his best and worst ex-girlfriends. Best: 5) Stella, 4) Zoey, 3) The Slutty Pumpkin, 2) Marshall (when they acted as a couple in last season's The Fortress), and 1) Victoria. Worst: 5) Blah Blah (The woman in How I Met Everyone Else), 4) Boats Boats Boats, 3) Karen, 2) Zoey (Yes, she made both lists.), and 1) Jeanette.

- What does Jeanette do after throwing Robin's locket, which Ted has been killing himself for, in the river? She tells Ted, "I think we should get back together."

- It took the writers eight years to get Robin to confess that she actually wanted Ted to kiss her back in the pilot episode of the series.

- “It was the classic story: Boy loses balloon when boy’s mom set out hot dogs in the backyard.”

- Barney has lost his power to never take a bad picture. "Guys, Barney may be dead," Ted spookily pronounces.

- The condescending look Jason Segel and the chef at the inn give us when Ted is doubtful as to whether he will like Bacon....CLASSIC!

- Weekend At Barney's? Robin: "No! We are not doing Weekend At Barney's!" Ted: "BUT THAT'S THE DREAM! I can't believe I just said that..."

- Barney wakes up the second the Robin-Lily action begins screaming, "MORE!"

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