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"The Discovery Dissipation"/S7E10

Posted on December 7, 2013 at 1:25 PM

By Dhruv Rao

It's heart-warming when Sheldon gets an opportunity to behave like one of us. The writers have given him such robotic characteristics that once his human feelings are brought into play, the episode takes a turn positively. This week, the writers gave all characters a fair amount of screen time along with natural dialogue. The episode ran its course smoothly, bubbled up, and then resolved itself very well. Moreover, this isn't the first time the long-time friends Sheldon and Leonard have been put on opposing sides. In the double-premiere of the season, we all saw how Sheldon's wrath had dintegrated their friendship. A very similar thing happens here...

The episode started out at a fresh location: A radio station. Sheldon's discovery has made a huge impact on the scientific community. However, Sheldon seems to be unhappy with this unwanted attention, fame and acclaim. He wants it to disappear. The show made this point very clear before the cold open with one of those rare "previously on The Big Bang Theory" cuts.  The show's continuity is weak; however, we all know it can have its own moments, like Sheldon does this week. He gets help from Wil Wheaton and finally realizes that maybe this isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to it. Now that we're half way into the episode, no actual material has been laid out to make this half hour as memorable as possible. However, the one scene which was supposed to be a calm chat after Leonard got home from work brought the sparks into the episode...

Sheldon's angry! His greatest achievement has been blown to his own friend. The discussion of the number of friends Sheldon has was the second best part of the episode, right after how Sheldon decided to set the roles for the train game. So, now Sheldon confuses everyone and finally retracts his paper. Sheldon is put in a place of sympathy, which works momentarily on the audience. When he reverts to his usual self, we don't get disappointed, but I was frankly annoyed at the character. This shows how the writing seems to flow during the episode and how the writers know how much anti-Sheldon dosage is enough per episode. As his boor qualities start to rise, they eventually reach a peak at the very end, when Sheldon self-invites himself for Leonard's radio interview. 

The part of the A-plot which I wouldn't mind my nephews and nieces watching is the explanation on how a bad phase is just a small period of your life. Wil Wheaton's story which involved him being a child with perfect memory ("Who couldn't relate to that?" Sheldon muses). The speech that Amy and Wil give to Sheldon describing that his life isn't over is what brings the punch and crisp into the dialogue, the punch was missing in many episodes this year. The oral flashbacks are better than nothing, but I would appreciate TBBT's attempts at becoming a little bit more flashback-inclined.

The B-plot this week was stronger than any other this season. Bernadette and Howard get a role model for their marriage: Raj. As a guest, he is better at the wife/husband role for the Wolowitz's. It felt refreshing to see Bernadette and Howard revealing how their happy in marriage, and they're fine just where they are. I think the plot's importance was inferior to Sheldon's as we've discussed his discovery before; however, it felt emotionally charged and packed with the detail that only HIMYM could provide. It's a step up from the regular TBBT filler plots. The revelations of how a marriage doesn't have to be perfect for the people to be involved to be happy is the main theme which I would extract from here. But you all can have your own opinions...

Grade: A

Stray Observations:

- Sheldon's a physicist, but he's receiving a nobel prize in chemisty: "Everyone laugh at the circus freak!"

- "Nonesense, Wil! Your endless tweets aren't that bad." Wil: "I remember why it's been a while."

- Sheldon still uses the word "discotheque"...

- Penny's analogy on dating may be confusing to Sheldon, but dang! she knows how to explain something really well.

- "Once when all the knives were dirty, you cut a bagel with your keys."

- Barry calls Sheldon The Retractor. However, Sheldon replies with a good one: Bawwy.

- "We were totally fine half-assing our marriage till you showed up!"

- *Sheldon yodles* Amy (to Penny): "I'll get the vodka!"

- There are some really funny parts of the script this week. I loved it! 

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