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"The Thanksgiving Decoupling"/S7E9

Posted on December 6, 2013 at 3:00 PM

By Dhruv Rao


I often question myself: why do I watch television? Then, after a few seconds of profound pondering, I conclude that my life, like many of others, has its ups and downs during the day, which tire and exhaust the body. Thus, I need something to distract myself from the "tension". I generally prefer comedy over drama, so that's why The DR Club's main coverage is on sitcoms. However, I need some level of drama and continuity to relish an episode.


Tonight's TBBT was a perfect example of the nerve-wrecking, boring, dragging-on half-hour of television. As a double-emmy nominated sitcom, TBBT should try to run the extra mile in order to develop highly detailed and well done scripts. On the contrary, the episode was briefly excellent in the Sheldon-related scenes. The problem the writers faced this week was that of squeezing a very interesting plotline into a very small period of time. I would prefer the wedding Penny and Zack were a part of for their last Thanksgiving as a couple to be narrated through a flashback, but TBBT doesn't like that, so I wasn't really disappointed. However, what really disappointed me was how the comedic lines were spread out like cheese in lasagne. I felt really annoyed when Sheldon's emotional moment was ruined by Wolowitz's interjection.


The moment was preceded by a description of Sheldon's yesteryears with his father. They watched football together, but Sheldon wasn't into it. He was more excited to do his homework. The topic of Mr.Cooper's passing turns into a beautiful afternoon between Sheldon and Bernadette's father. It feels better to see Sheldon bonding with another person instead of shunning the other characters. That's why the viewers felt like the episode was remarkable. A breakout character's softer side is a side that remains in the soft corner of our hearts.


The supporting cast member's plot and dialogue was thin and awkward. Raj, Penny and Amy were curious teenage girls cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. The entire plotline reaches a point where the viewer wants the actors to return to their original character. They stand behind the annulment of the Penny/Zack marriage as though it were a movie. Why do the writers like giving us a good punch in the face? This is one of the many complaints I have with the writers. However, I do appreciate the Penny/Leonard plot's introduction and resolution. It gave the couple more dimensions and a greater depth. It depicted the change in Penny's character over the years. I would recommend this little part as Kaley's application to the emmys next year.


The entire episode might've scored a B-, but the studio audience's uncontrolled laughter at the lame jokes choked the flow of the plot. A laughing track is like punctuation, so constantly adding a laugh for each sentence in a conversation is like saying something l.i.k.e. t.h.i.s...


Grade: C+

Stray Observations:


- "It is scientifically impossible for a person to tip a cow." I love the random conversations the characters have in the cold open.

- "No traffic; we're sailing!" "Yes, like we're on a ship coming from Africa to America." "Sheldon, you can't keep comparing yourself to a slave." "Yes Ms. Amy."

- "Want of understanding? What does that even mean?" "Ding...Ding...Ding, we have a winner!"

- Bernadette's obsessed with Marshmallows.

- "The plot like my gravy thickens." Nope, Raj, no. The plot just gets unnatural and even more awkward.

- Zack's list of marriage-related jokes ranks as the second best thing in this episode...

- "I do crap for you all the time! Get out there!"

- "Sorry, I really wanna hear how sad you are. I'll be back in like five to ten minutes."

- "I don't know what's scarier: the bathroom clowns or the woman who put 'em there." "All I know is you can only fit one of her in a car!"

- "The next time I get married it'll be for love, or money." Kaley Cuoco has a style of delivering dialogues which no one else can replicate.

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