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"Bedtime Stories"/S9E11

Posted on November 27, 2013 at 8:25 AM

By Dhruv Rao

When I was a little baby in mommy and daddy's hands, my parents struggled to put me to bed. They would sing, dance or even read random stories to me. It goes without saying that tonight's episode of HIMYM talked about this very phenomenon. I remember the initial reactions to the YouTube promo posted a few weeks ago. Some People kept on cursing Carter and Craig while other squealed "Cute!" for the somewhat average episode.

I didn't regret watching the episode. It just seems that any episode without the mother at this stage seems to get commercially panned. The episode 'Platonish' was at first receiced poorly, with many citing it as "nothing but a big ball of filling." Last week's episode qualifies as a filler, but this week's felt more than a filler. It showed that the writers are ever ready to take risks and try to spice things up with the show. The rhyming was off at bits and sometimes it was cleverly disguised by other significant details.

The half-hour didn't bring us any closer to the highly anticipated rendez-vous, but it did give us an episode which we'll never forget. Ted's romantic regrets, Robin's post-breakup condition and Barney's womanizing habits are nothing new, but when Bays and Thomas let them have their moment in the sun, the show gets a new peak. I personally vouch for a conference room with 6 Neil Patrick Harrises doing their thing. It was amusing and reminded the loyal fans about the yesteryears of the sitcom. The show's emphasis on 'game' is what has always made it a success. I mean, there's a constitution?

The other two stories were fairly comical. The Ted story had it's own ups and downs with Barney's new theory. However, it felt like the same thing as we've seen Ted's romantic blunders way too often. What about Robin? I loved her bit; she was in her post-breakup mode. In the jealousy of losing both a boyfriend and Simon, she stuffs herself with a huge wedding cake. Then, she gulps down an entire keg. 

The ending of the episode seemed to be a sweeter moment for the gang: Marvin's first memory. There is no other joy as a child to see the fireworks burst out into the sky in flamboyant ecstasy. Furthermore, the entire episode left me worrying for the baby's safety as Marshall decides to run the last five miles to the Farhampton Inn. The country song from season six is once again stuck in my head...

Grade: B+

Stray Observations:

- The title sequence sounded perfect to put little Marvin into bed.

- Simon is now engaged to Louise Marsh. I remember when Lily first heard that name: "That's a whore's name if I ever heard one..."

- Date/Not A Date theory: HIMYM never goes wrong when coming with fake scientific facts.

- "Architecture, yawn!" "Psh, yeah! Cuz physics is sooo interesting."

- "And now, that night is remembered not for Robin getting dumped, but as the night we took her in to get her stomach pumped."

- How did that night become a party? A: Barney brought a keg.

- Barney Stinson: King Player Of New York City forgot to call dibs. What a shame!

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