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"The Itchy Brain Stimulation"/S7E8

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 10:25 PM

By Dhruv Rao

It's common that one show would acquire characteristics of another during the course of a season. TBBT became very similar to HIMYM in "The Romantic Resonance" and also this week's episode. An arc that subtends in this episode would take a good three episodes of HIMYM quickly commences and resolves itself in a good half-hour of television. That's what I think brought the episode's general perception better than its weak A-plot.

So, Lucy returns this episode. It means a lot to Raj as she is the one who broke the lock, i.e. she let him get over his selective mutism. We would Raj to be a bit better and less enthusiastic towards Lucy. However, his condition worsened ever since the season six finale. He's been painting their future progeny, and wedding bells seem to ring in his ears. That's where I would criticize TBBT's writers for lack of character development. Not only did they take forever to get rid of the selective mutism, but they also haven't rounding the other aspects of his character. Now, let's get back on topic. The plot quickly resolves itself in a series of repeated events of Raj hating Penny one second and loving her the next. Lucy and Raj's date was brief, and Raj was quick to get back out there, only to strike out with Penny's co-worker. 

The essence of the episode was hardly visible at first; however, as the episode progressed, the half-hour of television seemed to have a purpose. The writers wanted to give the Lucy arc a proper ending, i.e. I was disappointed with her exit last season. Also, the episode added new tones to Sheldon and Leonard's friendship. Sheldon becomes a boor again, and Leonard suffers with a torso infested with rashes. The sweater joke seemed to be a renidition of his uncomfortable pants from Stephanie in season two. 

Although she was not directly involved in either plot, Penny was the scene-stealer this week. All her lines were spot on, especially during her awkward conversation with Lucy at the cheesecake factory. Amy and Bernadette were underutilised, with a few lines of theirs pitching in at infrequent intervals...

Grade: B

Stray Observations:

- "How are those nipples feeling, chief?" Jim Parsons style of delivering a sarcastic question has improved drastically in the past six years.

- "And prove to Sheldon that you can have a problem and solve it without acting like a complete lunatic." One  TBBT's classic lines is delivered here, and to make things better, Leonard is trying to scratch his back with a pillar. 

- Lucy explains why she can tell Penny her feelings: "I don't have your e-mail."

- Penny: "Smile" Leonard: "What is that for?" Penny: "So I can send this to Princeton and get your money back."

- Sheldon's squirt flower prank backfires on him when he wets his entire blazer. 

- Figuring out how a squirt works out is more challenging than quantum physics.

- Raj's "What is wrong with you?" is something that indicates that the future is bright for his character development.

- Lucy actually got another guy to fall for her. Who could be more awkward than Raj?

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