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Posted on November 11, 2013 at 9:00 PM

By Dhruv Rao

From the title of the episode, which is derived from the word platonic, one could imagine Ted and Robin's long-term relationship. This episode gave a lot more background information to Barney's best play last year in The Final Page and also how he met the mother. What? Did HIMYM just include two whole episodes with the mother in both? Well, it seems to be the case here...

At first, the episode seemed pointless: it was a flashback episode. The first half of it was an allusion to HIMYM's glory years: Barney picking up chicks and Ted trying to avoid his feelings for Robin. If any of us in the past eight years have learnt anything, it will be that Ted is never devoid of Robin: there's just something about her which he doesn't want to let go. That brings me to the applause I would like to give Carter and Craig for keeping the second half of the episode so dense and rich in information that it falls in equilibrium with the first half. It takes a lot more than a few jokes to create a substantial episode in the show's final season.

Barney's scheme to catch the Mother plays out in a different way. As Barney prepared to give Robin his last shot, Ted decides to get a long-term plan for Robin. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall are side-stepped in a beneficial way. Their seven year bet comes into play, and this brings about a new theory for HIMYM: The 20-Minute Theory. Moreover, Lily and Marshall are side-stepped this week, which is beneficial: they bring about what seems to be a new streak in last season's first half. The reason one would fall in love with its show is because its writers are so pedantic about each and every detail. 

This week's final cut fell on Ted's lonely face, which contrasts greatly to last week's stellar ending. The entire discussion of his feeling for Robin being stirred out of him leads to him realizing that maybe he needs to take things a little slower with Robin, as she isn't going anywhere. However, (and this is where the writers are so skillful and the writing just flows from season to season) Barney starts The Robin that very night, all thanks to the Mother, who we should all thank.

Why? Because she made sure that the Ted-Robin arc was deflected last season. Ted falling in love and giving everything to Robin is what made him so attached to this fallacy that he will get his happy ending with Robin only. On the other hand, Ted had mentioned how he felt that every experience is fresh after he meets the one, and that the one is waiting for him, as she isn't happy with her boyfriend as well. So, the wroters have completely rounded the story of how the Mother and Barney meet and how she convinces him to go after Robin one last time, but he has to bring out all the big guns. Barney sure did, and so did HIMYM: the story of how Ted's moving to Chicago is disclosed. Now, this brings back season 2 memories of Hammond Druthers (actor Bryan Cranston) being grumpy towards Ted. 

Thank you so much, HIMYM! It was an honor to see that you didn't forget that this was a flashback episode. Barney and Robin share a magical moment which in turn makes the bride smile after finding out that her mother isn't coming to the wedding. This show's way of creating a sphere of facts around an episode is what made it so succesful in the long run, and that's why everyone will miss HIMYM for a long time to come...

Grade: A

Stray Observations:

- MacLarens is back this week. It really seemed like forever since we hadn't seen it.

- Robin and Ted's salute is really funny because of how annoyed everyone else gets.

- The coach of the Generals believes that Ted is Nicholas Sparks.

- "Challng Accptd!"

- Robin has changed her mind about olives.

- Robin's happy button is located near her lower back.

- Hammond Druther's glass building increased the temperature of the acquarium to 190F and also killed many rare species of fish.

- Are Ted and Robin really platonish? Think about that: Ted took a second to cook up the most romantic plan for the two.

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