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"The Proton Displacement"/S7E7

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 4:05 AM

By Dhruv Rao

There are always those episodes of television which are difficult to describe. For example, this week's TBBT got me wrecking myself on what I should include in this "review". I knew what I wanted to write, but the feeling was somewhat ineffable.

Bob Newhart returns as an emmy-winning guest star this week. However, the writers didn't do a great job with his presence. The plot dragged on in awkwardness with no final destination. Another waste of acting was that of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Although Proton did have major problems with him, his presence served no purpose to the plot itself. I loved it when Sheldon asks Prof for a description of his prescription. (That rhymes. I think I'm a poet now). Other moments which brought TBBT related memories were Sheldon's arrival at Proton's house and Sheldon getting a restraining order from Bill Nye. 


The comedy generated this week was not of TBBT's usual quality. However, the awkwardness of last season did reappear in the last scene when Raj suggested that Howard and he have a sword fight with their light saber belt buckles. The subplot provided us a rare insight into girls night with Howard, the only guy. Girls night turns into an extravagant diamond-producing affair, and Raj retaliates. However, the two buddies reconcile and the B-plot turns out to be just mediocre.

Overall, this episode was funny, but the comedy was not evenly distributed across the episode. I would suggest that the writers try and revise the scripts' lines and try and make 'em flowing.  Let's hope for a better episode which initiates a train a thought in me. Sorry for the short review! 

Grade: B

Stray Observations:

- Sheldon thinks that talking to Professor Proton and disturbing him aren't the same thing. Also, Professor Proton was shocked that Sheldon has a girlfriend.

- Penny dated a 2nd grader when she was in pre-school, which explains her lack of ability to use glue.

- Howard and Raj are gonna have sex before Amy and Sheldon do. I love Mayim Bialik's lines of whining.

- I think that the mini-light saber fight is a possibilty after the second episode's awkward encounter between the two guys.

- Bill Nye observes the experiment, Arthur: "Back off, bow tie!"

- Bill Nye ditches Sheldon at the smoothie bar. Reaction: "He probably stole his wallet too."

- Professor Proton: "Do you have any single grandmothers?" Penny: "They both are married." Prof : "Happily?" Bob Newart 

- Sheldon's repetition of the fact that he's annoying is self-explanatory.


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