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"The Lighthouse"/S9E8

Posted on November 5, 2013 at 9:00 AM

By Dhruv Rao

Ever since the end of season 7, our sympathy for Ted's romantic concerns disintegrated. We felt the dating game was a waste of time on the show, and people began to complain about the content of the show. This wasn't the case with this week's stellar performance from HIMYM. It not only resolved the Robin-Loretta crisis, but it also gave us some Mother-related action after quite a lot of complaints from the fans.

I was patient, and this was my reward. Ted proposes to the Mother two years from now, and somehow the entire journey we've taken with him over the past eight years seems like nothing. Those useless dates become cherished memories, and HIMYM ends the show on a beautiful note.

But, first, let Barney and Robin get married! This week got the awkwardness between Loretta and Robin dissolved out of the wedding after what seems to be an egg-war. When Robin concedes, Loretta confesses that her only worry is that of her grandchildren not being fed properly. You all remember the one of a kind holiday episode "Symphony of Illumination", when Robin hid her infertility to avoid the gang's sympathy. The reference is very vague, but a regular viewer would be able to identify it. This is where HIMYM enjoys complicating its plotlines. It leaves bite-size information throughout the years only for these gaps to be filled in future seasons. And that's how HIMYM cracked the code to get Barney on Robin's side once again. Well done, HIMYM, especially with the familiar hug between Robin and Loretta, who dictates that she be called 'Mom.' The moment is somehow deeper due to the absence of Robin's mom.

Now, to the best part of the episode, I say, "Now, that's why I waited!" Ted's lousy first visit to the lighthouse, along with his first night of the wedding involving him consoling Cassie, is what makes us sympathize with him. His regrets of not meeting the one feel like they're at their peak. Ted's final cry leads to HIMYM's classic flashforward to the day when Ted proposed to the Mother, thus ending his search for love forever.

Sorry for being sappy! The little detail which added a cherry to the perfect ice-cream sundae episode was the "Thank You Linnus" sequence from Alyson Hannigan. She can just pull it off, like how Cobie can pull off the Patrice act. The shattering of glasses and Lily's anger towards every word comes from last week's above average Halloween episode, another continuity point for you Carter and Craig!

However, the Clint-story felt a bit overdone. The comedy was there, but the doses were in excess. Clint's songwriting to solve problems is what makes Marshall a mean person now. I would like to see Marshall being mean to Daphne for once. Other than that, The Lighthouse proved to be one of the excellent episodes which constitute this season although the resolution was a bit quick...

Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

-Clint is amazing at strumming.

- Lily: "You're slipping, Linnus." Linnus: "We're running out of glasses."

- "Mrs. Moseby, do you mind if I take this mug. I would very much like to make fun of Ted the next time I see him."

- Ted's best friend was a balloon, and his mom has no problem with Marshall making fun of him.

- Cleveland's welcome sign says "THE BIRTHPLACE OF TED MOSBY".

- Ted's annoyance while asking Cassie out is amazing acting. Kudos, Josh Radnor!

- Clint's clients get annoyed for various reasons, including Clint showing up for work without being hired.

- Fun Fact: CBS is planning on a relationship-themed spin-off, but from the woman's angle. Stay with HIMYM till the end to find out.

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