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"No Questions Asked"/S9E7

Posted on October 28, 2013 at 9:30 PM

By Dhruv Rao

I have a theory that Halloween-themed episodes never go on the right track; they seem to endlessly shove scary "stuff" in your face without any plot progression. So, the promo of this week's episode did irritate me as I am never a fan of holiday-themed episodes. However, HIMYM pulled it off well as the plot which was the most stressful had just escalated in a minute. 

Last week, Marshall was forced to break the news to Lily because of Daphne's text. However, as the half-hour unfolded before our eyes, we found out that Marshall decides to be true to his marriage. Right there is what I love about this show. They've kept that one steadfast, cheesy, completely in love couple for the rest of the cast to compare themselves to. So, what was the phone call for?

It was a strike of luck for Marshall: their room was the one which was speculated to be haunted by Captain Dearduff. Marshall uncovered the fact in the first flashback when he watched the scary documentary. So, this put the "haunted" part of Halloween in the episode. The rest of the episode portrayed the classic HIMYM storytelling methods: the screen freezing, shifting to Bob Saget's narration and back to reality after a small flashback. Each flashback portrayed the characters in a situation where they required help from Marshall. Here, the theory of "No Questions Asked" is born. The entire closure of Marshall taking the judgeship is given by that one expression. 

The flashbacks included Ted stuck in a mailbox after he regretted sending a love letter (typical Ted), Barney being childish, Robin rocking a unitard as Night Flacon and Lily being held captive by her students. I loved the last one as Lily did complain about a few of the students, but this time they good her good. The writing here turned over a new leaf on the gang, which is something so beautiful. I love it when HIMYM gives us the best and worst simultaneously, just to confuse us. 

So, all three of them end up in Lily's room. I couldn't understand how they could think that Lily would go anywhere without her phone, especially with Barney in her room. Here, synchronization between Robin and Barney comes into play, but they are unable to execute the plan because of the delay they created. And, there comes Ted the hero. Ted uses his "no questions asked" from Lily for her to murder her phone. When Ted describes the situation to Marshall, Marshall finally comes clean about the job, which forced Lily to go wild. 

Another shiny piece on tin protruded from the episode. Barney and Robin's future life together is pre-determined by them. They try to act as one, but fail here. However, they promise to each other to act as a unit for the rest of their lives. This season revolves around their wedding, so I feel that the writers made the right call placing that plotline in the episode, just to make the episode less towards the tendency of holiday-themed episodes.

So, the season's huge argument is coming up, and so are many other stories. I said that we'll have to be patient, but I'm starting to feel like the Mother isn't coming around soon enough. Let's be optimistic for next week! Overall, the episode wasn't HIMYM's best, but it certainly was better than expected. The writers managed to turn a horrible promo into a just good storyline. Kudos!

Grade: B

Stray Observations:

- Barney is sending doves out into the air while Robin's family is shooting guns after they exit the church. Barney: "It's gonna be avi....wait for it...ary!" I've missed those plays on his classic line a bit too much lately.

- Rhys Darby is somewhat perfect for the role. He avoids changing the room and uses the ghost as an excuse for a bad room.

- Ted's celebratory drink at the end is ruined by Barney's dove taking a crap, and it flying right into his drink.

- Robin knows that Marshall is going to stretch his arms out for the trout story. Good thinking! 

- Barney's lungs have all the actual versions from the Lucky Charms. I love that cereal!

- Marshall's belief of Big Foot leads him to attack Russel Brand. 

- Lily's "you're dead to me" look resufaces.

- According to Barney, Bruce Willis is the bad guy in Die Hard.

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