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"The Romance Resonance"/S7E6

Posted on October 26, 2013 at 12:05 AM

By Dhruv Rao


I do recall now my first reading of the lovely novel The Pride and The Prejudice. It was a sweet, romantic story with a very strong message for its audience. That's exactly what this week's TBBT had in store for us viewers.

The plot revolved around Sheldon's breakthrough, Howard and Bernadette's anniversary and Penny's perseverance to be romantic towards Leonard. The fault was with the third plot protruding out of the entire episode.

Nonetheless, the third plot was entertaining and funny. Sheldon makes a breakthrough and becomes vain. When he realizes he makes a mistake, he forces everyone to stop celebrating him. Apparently, Amy pointing out how the mistake could've been avoided gets her on Sheldon's good list. In between, there are classic Sheldon Cooper moments which any TBBT viewer wouldn't want to miss.

While Sheldon was 'in the zone', the gang prepared for Howard's romantic gesture to Bernadette. I admire how the shortest characters were paired up. The writing is full of meaning while being funny. It's a perfect combination of HIMYM and TBBT. The song was sweet and so unlike TBBT. I think this will be the moment of the season, so remember what I've said. I love romantic gestures.

Finally, the cherry on the somewhat awesome sunday was Penny's contribution in her relationship with Leonard. However, she finally finds the one thing other than coitus: she remembers everything Leonard gave her. She constantly complains about her lack of interest in the relationship, thus making her the gf of the year.

Thank you, CBS, for two lovely half-hours this week. However, after having watched HIMYM's new promo, I'm scared for next week...


Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

- Sheldon's 'in the zone' moment is connected to science while Amy's 'in the zone' moment is connected to Shamy finally advancing.

- Sexual intercourse is all that Penny gives Leonard. The best line was, "Rubbing it in your face."

- Sheldon ruins the perfect moment when Bernadette shakes with love for Howard. "She's contagious...I told you she was sick."

- Raj thinks that playing the ukulele makes him a rock star.

- Leonard knows that playing the cello isn't cool.

- Amy hasn't been invited to Sheldon's tree fort.


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