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"Knight Vision"/S9E6

Posted on October 21, 2013 at 9:20 PM

By Dhruv Rao


In relation to what Donna Bowman had said about weddings having hook-ups as a primary concern for single people, I would say that is it weird that people until recently had receptions without alcohol in small basements? I mean, does it imply that single people strive for some action? Think about it, and then think about the following practice at these weekends: once you've been paired up, you don't get a second chance. It sounds a bit unfair for people like Ted, who get amazing prospects like a friend's ex-roommate who's noisy in bed, but end up picking a hot mess situation with the flu.

Hello there, I would like for you to meet Cassie: she's Ted's date for this weekend. She's not over her ex, who's in bed with one of Ted's prospects Sophia. Her parents are with her, and they admit that she's a drag. So, congratulations, Ted, you've been nominated for the Nobel Prize for poor choices. However, you're up against your two best friends, so try your best.

Yes, that's right; Ted's not the only one with poor choices this weekend. The bride and groom make the error of passing of the maid-of-honour's love story as their own. Meanwhile, Marshall has already taken the judgeship offer without informing Lily. So, HIMYM this week involves a large pot with three highly reactive chemicals. For someone who's been waiting for a stir-up this season, I was highly impressed with this episode. Not only did it pick up on the impending plotlines from last season, it also brought about some material for the final season.

Let's go from the bottom of the surface to the top. I would like the readers to now imagine the Marshall/Lily and Robin/Barney stories on how they met to be swapped around. Yes, you guessed, HIMYM made the bold move to swap the stories while Barney and Robin misrepresented themselves as hopeless romantics, while portraying Lily as a dirty and filthy woman married and Marshall as a womaniser. My favorite line, "Lily's drinking drugs." Meanwhile, I love how Robin and Barney knew what the other was about to pass off as the story of how they met and accurately complemented each other.

When this caused friction between them and Lily, the Reverend caught them red-handed, leading them to reveal the way they actually met. In my opinion, the Reverend is pretty old-fashioned, as he gets a shock from Barney and Robin's history. However, the old-fashioned bit comes in when he calls Lily a "whore" for wearing a knee's length skirt.

Now, the second boiling point of this week: Marshall and Daphne's argument on how to subtly tell Lily about the judgeship. The running gag of HIMYM's main characters repeating a story over and over until it's perfectly told is what was used to make this jaundiced eye muse a moment and then laugh his heart out. Lily gets dubbed by Daphne, and when Daphne says something dirty or rude, Marshall breaks the 4th wall (for a good cause) and the viewer tries his best not to laugh. Good comedy here!

If the two sub-plots weren't present, the episode wouldn't have been as excellent as it is now. However, the episode would be a good half-hour of television because of Josh Radnor's superb acting. His reactions to Cassie's problems are what gives Ted the biggest piece of cake this week. His inner thoughts and trying hard to get away from Cassie are in vain because of his inner douche. He just had to give the toast to the now no-more Reverend and throw away his last chance to get away from Cassie.

This week ended with a cliff-hanger, but don't have high expectations. I did that earlier this season, and I was extremely disappointed with "The Broken Code." However, this episode moved the season plotline. The only problem: lack of Mother-related scenes.

Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

- Ted is the one working with the Nazis in the Indiana Jones flashback. He also gets stoned, and then explodes. Sorry Ted, but that was truly funny.

- Television isn't lying: Ted's happy ending is coming. Be patient.

- Remedy for no Reverend: Wedding at Bernie's! Short, snippy and funny! 

- Neat references to "How I Met Everyone Else"," "Pilot" and "The Ashtray".

- It was tragic that Cassie's career as a gym instructor didn't work out because of her large chest. Barney sees that situation as a win-win.

- Ted gets really unlucky. Now, I really want a happy ending for him.

- The 9th amendment: "Thou shalt not lie." "With fatties?"




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