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"The Workplace Proximity"/S7E5

Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:15 AM

By Dhruv Rao

It's no surprise that Sheldon's etiquette has always been comprimised. As the show leaps into its seventh (and possibly final) season, the viewers are still oblicious to how each character still agrees to be part of his life. His web portrays itself as something efficacious to Amy, yet the rest of the characters are stuck in it, suffering with each of his actions.

"The Workplace Proximity" is not a bad half-hour of television. Its coupling of Shamy and The Wolowitzes brings out the comedy along with some flaws in writing. Sheldon's boor qualitites are accentuated in this above average episode. The entire plot circulates on the fact that should couple's work together? I'm sorry, TBBT, but HIMYM answered that question six years ago in "The Platinum Rule". So, there's our first bug: the plot isn't original.

The opening scene was the best one I've seen this season (the awkwardness of Shamy's date night). From one scene to another, Sheldon changes his mind about Amy's working at CalTech. After quoting Howard's statement, Sheldon not only introduces trouble in his relatonship but he also invokes some friction between the married couple. Amy shows a new face tonight, when she finally tells Sheldon that he can't tell her what to do. (with some help with Penny)

The fresh part of the plot was that Penny and Leonard were actually in the background, along with Raj. Raj rarely gets the better half of screen time, so it's not something new. Penny and Leonard have been side-stepped for the first time in two years. Raj's influence on the Howard-Bernadette plot is what brought out its comedy. Bernadette complains about how close the two are for two heterosexual men, which we have evidently seen before Howard met Bernadette. Furthermore, Bernadette does have a point. Howard spends an xcess amount of time with the guys. Howard's apology brought out the beutiful moment, which was ruined by TBBT's need for comedy to be shoved down everyone's throat. Howard gets the boor quality when he puts off romantic time with his wife for some game-time with Raj. 

Sheldon ruins Amy's first day at her new job. He uses ethical humor and unprofessional addressing to deal with the new situation. The comedy was sparked when Sheldon and the monkey reacted in the exact same way as they observed the visual stimuli. As the argument continues, Sheldon loses as everyone sides with Amy. Sheldon ends up trying his best to apologize to Amy, another moment the writers ruined by Sheldon's boor qualities. The final scene was the show at its core: geekiness and comedy coming together in a playful mixture.

Grade: B

Stray Observations:


  • Recipe for date night: awkward silence, Sheldon on his phone and no physical contact.
  • "See, my phone is just as smart as you guys!"
  • "Maybe your friend Gunderson needs to head over to IKEA and assemble a sense of humor."
  • Leonard and Penny don't wanna hear Sheldon's side of the story.
  • Obvously, Penny's definition of "giving a talk to" differs from the guys'.
  • Sheldon tries his best to give away the Sri Lankan dish that he accidentally acquired.

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