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"The Raiders Minimization"/S7E4

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 6:55 AM

By Dhruv Rao

We all have problems which trace back to our childhood. For some, it might be a trivial problem that won't affect our adult lives. However, people like Leonard have such grand problems that their adult lives can get affected drastically. In this case, the aspect of Leonard's life which changes is his relationship with Penny. He uses his own techniques to get Penny to do things that he wants.

That's why I liked tonight's TBBT. It was a mixture of the old, geeky version of the show with the new, sophisticated elements the show has acquired over the past few years. The geeky part of the episode was packed into the first mega-plot, i.e with Shamy. They enjoy their date night with The Raiders Of The Lost Arc. However, the best part was Sheldon's choice of words for the thrill of an Indiana Jones' movie. First, it was, "You're going to lose your virginity." Then, he apologized for his wrong diction, and proceeded with, "You were about to have your world rocked on my couch." The sophisticated Sheldon thanks his girlfriend for the movie, which was very non-Sheldon like, and then Amy points out a glaring flaw in the movie that ruins the entire series for Sheldon.

The geeky part of the episode kicks in! The guys sitting around the lunch table at work discuss the movie in great depth, and then gave out a growl. Sheldon's revenge plots have always been a treat to watch, especially in season 3 when he foamed up Krikpe's office. He searches high and low for one of Amy's favorites to point out a flaw. I love Jim Parson's look when he rubs his hands together, but I gagged a bit when his lotion-lie turned into his hands being extremely soft.

So, they end up watching Little House On The Prairie, and Sheldon's boor qualities are reborn. The episode ends with Sheldon somewhat complacent after having hurt Amy's feelings. The second plot ends with Leonard being rejected by Penny. Kaley Cuoco's line, "Now you don't get left or right" is the chuckle of the final scenes. The concatination off them both was an amazing sight to view. However, the episode had its own set of awkwardness, especially with the Raj-Stuart plotline of online dating.

Let's hope that season seven gives off more episodes like this one. However, next time, let's try and give everyone a fair amount of screen-time. Moreover, we need more time with Beverly; I love her awkwardness...

Grade: A-

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