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"The Broken Code"/S9E4

Posted on October 7, 2013 at 9:55 PM

By Dhruv Rao

Friendship is an odd phenomenon. We see people making new friends, losing old friends and also being stagnant with their friends' cardinality. However, it would evidently hurt when a friend hurts you because not only are they as close to you as family but you also trusted them. The exact theory would apply to the A-plot for tonight. Ted hurt Barney, so Barney reciprocated. And thus, and enitre chain of short scenes and semi-funny comedy trifled one of the last episodes of HIMYM.

Last week's cliffhanger left the viewer expecting more from this week than usual. The classic HIMYM jokes was the key to tying the plots together. Let's start with how I was right about the promo: Barney and Ted were fighting about the Glen McKenna. Then, we see Lily beating around the bush until Robin pricks the bubble, forcing Lily to blurt out that Robin is her only girlfriend. Marshpillow returns from season six as a judge for the platonic incident at the carousel. This would've been the perfect time for Ted to reveal to Barney about his relocation to Chicago. However, HIMYM's saved that for a rainy day.

Honestly, this week could've been much better than how it was executed. This is exactly what we had feared for this season: How do Carter and Craig plan of making 24 episodes out of a weekend-long event? A: Let's be a little reminiscent to our previous seasons. Last week, we got a blissful memory of Robin telling Ted she loved him for the first time while Ted was sorting through his bucket list trying to avoid Robin during her married life. This week, we get the image of Ted ending his friendship with Barney six years ago for breaking The Bro Code, which has become extremely popular nowadays. Lily getting jealous of Robin becoming too close to another female brings back the doubt as to whether Lily is or isn't 'you know'.

Robin can't get any conversation started until she meets a similar female who's also into sports, but Lily drives the new threat away. The inclusion of Patrice in three scenes invoked a similar response from both Robin and Lily, so I'm happy Lily's the only girlfriend Robin has. (However, you would think that Robin should thank Patrice for helping Barney proposing to her...). Patrice still loves Robin, as she brings a huge pile of presents , only to realize that there are more waiting in the car.

The Barney-Ted arc should've meant more than it did this week. Barney forgets about the carousel, only to subliminally push Ted away from him. Ted now lives in a dungeon and has written more than 500 table-cards in caligraphy. The constant argument about the Bro Code squandered the precious time HIMYM has left to explore its final plots and try and complete the incomplete character rounding. Instead, the writers planned on dragging the very same argument of the carousel incident being weird to the beach, where Barney and Ted held hands.with Marshall as the body pillow. As Barney and Ted settled the Ted having feelings for Barney's fiancee, I was thankful that that arc could go in the box to the left. So, now we're on to something new and hopefully better plotlines for the remainder of the season.

So, the last two episodes have proven that one episode of HIMYM can have such adverse effects on the relationships between the characters that the gang could split up just like they did five years ago. However, as we have inner-references and also outer ones, the show's progress is certain from here onwards...

Grade: B-

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