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"The Locket"/"Coming Back"/S9E1-2

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 9:30 PM

By Dhruv Rao

There's something efficacious about having a fat wedding in some romantic inn or hotel. However, on television, every single wedding is presented like this: everyone's taking some mode of transport to reach to a common destination, which could well be a resort. Therefore, single people are generally lonely at weddings, which make them try and get their life together as fast as they can. So, now you can understand Ted's vow of coming back to the inn with the mother. 

However, let's back up just a bit. This is HIMYM's only year in their entire run where the producers are not concerned with the renewal of the show, i.e. all the effort that was spent to create the scripts won't go to waste because those scripts aren't changing the plotlines this year. It gets you thinking: Wow! HIMYM started EIGHT years ago, and Ted is still in love with Robin? We all knew that there was some unfinished Ted-Robin business that will annihilate Ted once he'll confront them. From last season's finale, we all recall that he's relocating to Chicago after this wedding (to avoid his best friend and the love of his life spending their lives together, with him sitting in the background weeping). So, it would make sense that he would try and get Robin to be on his side.

The premiere left most viewers thinking about the estranged locket. The gift that Ted packet in the red box isn't the locket; it's a photo from the show's title sequence. So, the last scene depicts Ted actually flying to Los Angeles a few days after the eighth finale, and thus breaking Lil's trust that he wouldn't do anything weird to ruin the wedding. Nifty trick and fleet writing are present right there...

Turns out, Ted isn't the only potential candidate for ruining this moment: Robin and Barney have a whole deck of cards, including a ring bear (to which Robin angrily corrects "-er....! -er......!") However, while going through their cousins, they realize they have a common relative Mitch and freak out. They call the elderly relatives and try to get answers. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, the elders are unable to delete a single picture until Marshall realizes that his mother was't lying: the options button isn't available. However, Marshall's faith is restored in humanity. Sherri E. Shephard from The Talk is the guest star, Daphne, who gets annoyed with Marshall's behavior, so they both get into an extended argument to get back to NY. We all thought that Daphne had hit the road from the way Marshall was acting, but she came through. Now, we'll see how Marshall gets to that wedding.

We're back on Barney and Robin now. Barney and Robin agree not to tell anyone, then telepathically agree that Ranjit will be taken care of (they finish each other's telepathic, creepy statements now). But, not worry! Robin's grandma calls her and they're good to go until Barney's brother, James, drops the bomb of his divorce on the gang. So, here we see how great Barney and Robin are together. Barney's changed by now: he loves Robin so much that he doesn't have to worry about the gypsy's curse or waiting to get married. 

Lily freaks out about Marshall not getting on his flight, and gets an unlimited drink offer. "Thank You, Linnus!" is the key dialogue from the latter episode, which stirs up everyone. Let's not forget that Ted is constantly reminded that he's alone, so he finally vows to himself the She is going to be with him in a year, at the very same spot. She apparently has a lot in common with Ted and can read between his actions better than Lily could, which shows how Carter and Craig planned this season through. Lily and The Mother have a lot in common, so there's the first member of the gang and they love each other, have cute boots and call the cookies "SumBitches!". 

Let's not forget that we all are gonna miss douchy Ted once he's gone. We should enjoy the gloves, the ancient history and the speed limits of Lady Tedwina Slowsby. Lily banging her head on the car door because of Ted's quirks is something we as viewers will always cherish. Moreover, Barney and Robin's mini-problems and their reactions to them are good comedy!

The inclusion of the mother is what made this premiere stand out in the midst of all the others. However, HIMYM's usual style of pairing comedy and drama hasn't gone: Lily keeps getting a refill when Ted steals her glass, Barney's erotic cake gets nibbled down by Robin then sent to Ted's room, and Lily is like an animal. Among these funny moments, thre's a poignant Ted, future Ted and future Mother sitting down at one table. The Mother can perfectly imagine what Ted's doing even before they met. That vow is what makes this season crucial for not only Ted, but for us as well.

Grade: B+

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