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Television Season 2013/2014 + Recap

Posted on August 22, 2013 at 4:15 AM

By Dhruv Rao

Well, this summer was pretty quiet for television. However, it's September, thus everything's boisterous again. We've got both our regular shows HIMYM and TBBT coming back for the year. The latter may be renewed, but we will have to say goodbye to the former soon enough. However, let's begin with the Ultimate Look Back:

How I Met Your Mother- Season 8

Carter and Craig had an excellent idea for the Autumn Of Breakups, but the execution was poor. When Ted, Robin and Barney were single again, the season moved forward with Marshall and Lily stories for a bit. The first half was an utter disappointment; however, the last two of the first half covered a lot of action in 1 hour. Barney's plan to propose to Robin and turning him into the perfect fiancee were a huge trick from the writers as the episodes "Splitsville" to "The Over-Correction" were part of his last play. The second half of the show was a drastic improvement with Robin's father returning and Robin Sparkles' dark secret being revealed. The three misfires ("Ring Up", "Bad Crazy", "Romeward Bound") while being boring expanded the storyline. The rest of the season was filled with good episodes. However, overall, the season was boring at first but improved later. Let's not forget, we met The Mother!

Season Grade: B

The Big Bang Theory- Season 6

Season 6 was a strong season for the show. Bill Prady had used the cast's full potential in most episodes, except the two shocking misfires ("The 43 Peculiarity", "The Bakersfield Expedition"). The first half and second both had their own excellent episodes, but there were many mediocre ratings in between. Even though one might say the quality has deteroriorated, the viewership is at its peak, with an average of 18.5M viewers per half hour. The holiday episode wasn't too strong, and neither was the finale. "The Love Spell Potential" and "The Closet Reconfiguration" were standouts of the season with one showing depth and the other being the show at its very best: geeky! Overall, it was a good season with its ups and downs. Congratulations for an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. 

Season Grade: B+

Coming Up

HIMYM's ninth and final season will be "so distinct, that you will be able to tell a season 9 episode." It will feature non-linear and falshback/flashforward episodes. However, we are concerned on how ine season could concentrate on one wedding weekend. Let's not forget that many guest stars have been promised!

TBBT's seventh season will feature a new twist which we saw in "The Egg Salad Equivalency" about Penny putting in an effort for the relationship. The other characters will continue in their lives, but the interesting point is with Raj and his new ability to talk to women. Let's hope he gets a nice woman soon. Regina Davies does come back, so Curb Your Enthusiasm's levels of awkwardness will return. 

New Shows

This season, we will try and give you a wider range of sitcoms. On CBS, the show "Mom" will be added to the list with a 4-episode recap given the Saturday after the 4th episode has aired. Tune in for a half-season coverage of "Dads", the new Fox sitcom with Seth Green and Brenda Song. "We Are Men", starring Kal Penn, will be split into two-episode reviews.

Hope you all enjoy this year's TV Coverage! 


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