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"Something New"/S8E24

Posted on May 14, 2013 at 5:20 AM

By Dhruv Rao

I love discussions on TV shows. However, I've always felt inclined towards shows that have an average viewers average. Not to show my high calibration, but because they don't become too involved with the filling of boisterous plots scattered in a season. They follow what seems to be a chronological order, and they do so while keeping the audience captivated. The reason I felt season 8 would be a leap was because of the premiere. They leaped from Ted meeting Robin in her room to Ted and the Mother standing at Farhampton.

The season also leaked a huge sugary solution in "Band Or DJ". The mother isn't at Farhampton by some kind of coincidence, and Ted is already acquainted with her when they meet. She plays bass for Barney and Robin, who also leaped this season.

However, after a few minutes of beaming happiness, it felt awkward. The appearance of the mother a season in advance would really pressurize the writers to include plots that would interest the fans. That final scene meant so much to fans, to the show, to the actors, and also to CBS. An eight year secret has finally been spilled. If you don't know who Cristin Millioti is, I will tell that she's a fantastic Broadway performer.

So, back to the plot. Robin and Barney actually connect in the same way they did in season one. They nearly broke up an obnoxious couple, but then got them engaged. This couple turned out to be their arch-enemies, who have revealed themselves now, as they tell the Stinson-Scherbatsky train to stop smoking. Their entire plot seemed to be revolving on their connection and assurance on marrying each other. How sweet!

Meanwhile, Marshall goes to Minnesotta for a week's visit to his mom. In "Twelve Horny Women", we saw that he applied for the judge's position. As HIMYM leaves us on a cliffhanger, Marshall is going to the wedding prepared to inform Lily that maybe Italy isn't the right choice. That's double trouble in one episode.

Ted and Lily get the emotional slice of the episode, and stole my heart when they discussed about Ted's inner feelings with Robin, which has become monotonous over the years. We are finally letting go of it, and seeing how Robin also felt that way 4 years ago at Ted and Stella's wedding. She moved to Japan to get away while he's moving to Chicago to get away. The flashback was funny and gave us a reminder of last week's mini-cliffhanger. However, the fact is still unknown if Ted is going to sell the house and move to Chicago after meeting the mother at Farhampton.

I will try and post a season recap next week, but don't forget to check out this week's episode on

Let's not forget other surprises this week. Taylor Swift plays a girl who interrupts a wedding on "New GIrl" while Leonard has a goodbye scene on The Big Bang Theory. Hopefully, all of them will be as amazing as this finale here. HIMYM, I salute you for this finale, and a simple cliffhanging clause: "One ticket to Farhampton, please."

Grade: A

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