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"Something Old"/S8E23

Posted on May 8, 2013 at 10:10 AM

By Dhruv Rao

HIMYM has never given up on the flickering flame of Ted and Robin. This is the second time they put them in a situation where they feel together.This flickering flame is always re-ignited when possible, and then goes back to its weak state. Robin digging in Central Park does not seem realistic, but it happened nevertheless. She calls not only her fiancee but also her father, who are bonding very well this week, to come and help her find the necklace which she will wear for her wedding.

When the pendent goes missing, but the box doesn't, Robin's doubts about the wedding increase. She turns from the cynic she is into a superstitious and omen-obeying woman. However, instead of going with the flow, Ted creates some sort of friction between the omen-mooded rain and thunder: he says Robin and Barney love each other and that they belong together. Robin responds by saying that her best-friend came within a heartbeat by ignoring a job interview. Robin does not see the pure fact that Ted's still in love with her until the last scene, which is pretty much a vague and blurry rounding off.

Barney and Robin Sr. bonded this week, through Laser Tag. Nothing else. The plotline was neither funny nor coherent as they just shot a bunch of children with laser guns. Although it felt monotonous, the plotline's function seemed important as one of the biggest pre-nuptials, as of now. So, we have to remember. that in Robin-speak, "It's stupid" means"I really care for this trivial issue and am scared to confess.

As each of the first two plots had a flaw, the third one created a new HIMYM game: "Italy or Triangle". Ted's cocky side is shown, and he is obsessed with fanny packs. The packing situation is resolved by calling Ted. Ted judged each item, and Lily realized how whatever they like didn't get to Italy's packing list. The fanny pack thing brings douchy Ted to his peaks, and made me hysterical. The other test which Ted invented this week was the one-year test, which he starts to regret when he worries that Lily and Marshall might overlook his friendship as they didn't need it in the past year.

The cold open was split into two, which also I didn't enjoy. They could've stopped after the 'girly Robin' flashback, which was the highlight of the episode. It was a treat to go back to the past and see Robin as a son, not a daughter. Then, we look at them now, and realize that his son is actually Barney and Robin can be his daughter. A great relief for Robin as she was the one who got her dad to say yes for a dance at the wedding. The way HIMYM is promoting the finale looks like the nuptials will have to wait until this September. However, the penultimate episode was average and didn't showcase HIMYM's best writing and structure skills which work. Let's hope for a much more drama-packed, funny and intense finale next week...

Grade: B- 

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