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"The Bro Mitzvah"/S8E22

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 10:40 AM

By Dhruv Rao

HIMYM has been adapted to keeping a track of each continuity detail. Each flashback not only gives us a little piece of information, but also stays consistent with the circumstances at the given time. Tonight felt like one of those episodes where we don't have to scrutinize, but actually openly view a 20 minute act, which included a bit of a coincidencidental play.

The entire sequence spread out as a one-plot episode with a ruse. So, as I said before, not a huge fan. However, they brought different characters into play such as Quinn, Loretta and also the Karate Kid's actors. Moreover, I never thought I would say this, but "Thank God the clown was there!" Why? Because it showed Barney beeing played bby his own old antics: the most bitter-sweet being that which lead to "The Final Page". Robin plays various coys on Barney and turns his bachelor party into the most memorable night of his life: a fiasco! 

All his wishes and dreams came true in an abnormal yet funny way. I felt a little bit nostalgaic when Quinn threw the ring at Barney for some reason: maybe because she couldn't do it the last time. The element which I found amusing was Barney's classic flip of the antagonist and protagonist of the Karate Kid. Ralph Macchio was instructed to wipe Barney out when he mocks him for not gambling. Eventually, Barney loses 85,000 and Marshall for it. Everyone realizes what a sycopath Barney is (another continuity detail), and leave him crying under his appartment. The mobsters eventually take Barney upstairs for a surprise toast, all set up Robin. Now, do you think that Barney and Robin belong together? I have loved them ever since their season five blossom.

Now that Robin is on Loretta's good side, we proceed to the nuptials next week. Hopefully, there will be more emotion and depth involved. However, I did enjoy this last hilarious episode for the season which opens up the emotional drama in the penultimate and final episode of Season 8. Another continuity note: Loretta is a harlot just like Robin. However, we could have overlooked the whole "awkward" situation, which levels to Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

Overall, the episode was a sweet way to make a night memorable for a man who makes every night of his life incredible. The resurfacing idea was the Playbook, which I fondly look back to. Let's hope the coming few weeks will garn them a higher viewership than this episode...

Grade: A-

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