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"Romeward Bound"/S8E21

Posted on April 13, 2013 at 7:50 AM

By Dhruv Rao

I praise the writers of HIMYM on several occasions, but this time, I would like to register a complaint concerning the content of this episode. As we all know, there are only a handfull of episodes left for HIMYM before its grand finale next year. However, in HIMYM's defense, there are small moments where they showcase a bigger picture on emotions which other shows usually fail at doing.

We are somewhat adapted to plots being interconnected, and which can be clumped together. However, "Romeward Bound" had minimal effect on the ending of this season. The A-plot commenced abruptly, like a Casca, in the cold open. The captain's delivery of dialogue started the episode on the wrong foot for me, and it did not improve significantly from there.

The initial refusal from Lily gives us a small flash-forward on what seems to be their future life: Lily getting all the success and Marshall losing his mind taking care of Marvin. In Ted's words, a Black and White Italian movie. However, as she goes to surprise Marshall at work, she realizes that ever since the October case, Garrison & Cootes has had no business. Moreover, he has been playing games the whole time with his one and only colleague.

That's when Marshall and Lily discuss the Rome situation, which provokes another offer from the captain. Lily denies, again. However, Marshall talks to her and convinces her that he trusts her: the deepest moment in the episode. Another Italian movie scene depicts Marshall choosing the Italian woman over Lily (illustration below). These clips were nothing but add-ins which demeaned the episode's value even further. But, Marshall's repetition of a certain line didn't seem monotonous, but heart-wrenching.

I really was hoping for the episode to give a +ve effect after the Iran earthquake tremors this afternoon. I hope everyone is safe, especially your loved ones residing near the epicenter. By God's Grace, everything will be alright, and these natural disasters will cease. However, humans are also evolving into savages, as depicted by today's Boston occurence. So, the episode not only aired on the same night, but also disappointed its viewers.

The B-plot really gave no flash on the mother or on the wedding. It may have proven how Barney loves Robin from the bottom of his heart, though. Liddy, the wedding planner, has a ridonculous body, and the guys are willing to do anything to see it. The whole story lies under a puffy coat. The hysterical part was on how Marshall was, hypothetically, able to persuade her to get her coat off whilst Barney feared the repercussions. However, lucky for him, his engagement to Robin made it seem considerate and not flirtatious.

The new idea introduced hear is "the stink". Obviously, Ted has the stink, and here's a little recap. After his relationship with Robin, he didn't date anyone until she dated Gael. Moreover, the aftermath of the Jeanette awkwardness gave the ideal proof on his stink levels. However, this episode ends on a morose note for Ted: he just got reminded of the Robin feeling once again. I think this is what pushes him towards the coming 40 days, and its blissful result. 

However, the plot connection was weak, and so were the dialogues. As a regular HIMYM viewer, I can say it outright that the episode was certainly in that vague region between ghastly and mediocre. However, after including the scale of emotions and "abundance" of comedy, the episode has garnered a mixed review. Moreover, the writers need to get Barney out of his shenanigans, as the wedding is fast approaching. Moreover, they need to stop showing Robin as the "cool" fiancee and start to develop a nit of her jealousy as well.

Grade: C+

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