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"Time Travelers"/S8E20

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 3:55 AM

By Dhruv Rao

There was some connection in this episode. A new, telepathic, sweet and deep connection. As Ted's solitude gets the better of him, he starts to envision what seems to be almost 75% of the episode. Tonight, Ted was just center stage with no exception. It felt like rekindling a relationship while it still needs the time to find its way there. 

I felt that HIMYM was going to lose it this season. After all, the starting did seem a bit macabre. The nadir for HIMYM also came in this season while they suffered from constantly low ratings. The entire suffering just concentrated in this episode which focuses on the cold April night. However, overall, it felt like getting the good old season 1 comedy back in play. The show's publicity has never suffered: they have been on one of the Big 4, got many guest stars, and had perfect actors as the main characters. Each one of them has their own career independent of HIMYM. I think that's what makes the show so special and yet so fresh, at times...

Tonight focused on an extensive monologue, with characters from different times presenting themselves in what seems to be a prodigiously illuminating half hour of television. The Robots Vs Wrestlers gag is just a veil in front of Ted's loneliness. Many different versions of himself and Barney appear around an empty booth, and they seem to fill a dark, somber bar and make it welcoming and jocund. The intuition that he should and must avoid the show is also intriguing to a certain degree. 

His whole future sparks in his eyes without him even knowing. The coat check girl, portrayed by Jayma Mays, tries to fill in the void by entering the bar and giving Ted a chance to what he deems as destiny. However, her future gets into his head and he sees how this is all a big mistake. I mean, we've only explored this void thrice this season. However, the three separate occurences seem to fill the bottle to the rim.

As for the barber shop singing, I loved it. Moreover, it was a good idea to terminate a deep episode on a light note. One might think of it as contrasting, and I would agree with them. The narrator discusses him longing for 45 days of pleasure and companionship, which his friends have. He stands alone in a crowded room and just hopes for it to end. His blood still boils from Robin's Engagement to Barney, but he has managed to subdue its effect on his thinking. 

Comedy flashed at regular intervals, and kept the light mood running. There, right there, we can feel how nifty and fleet the writing is. HIMYM pulls of a huge trick as they unveil the entire mood to be inside the protagonist's head. Robin and Marshall argue on the naming of a drink and pull pranks on each other as they write on the toilet walls. The entire plot boils down to a dance off that Ted envisions and actually reminisces. However, we do get closer to the mother, yet we seem so far from the unveiling of her. 

The episode felt new and fresh. Ted always has a bunch of friends who've got his back. However, he still doesn't have the companionship he longs for. The only thing I will always recall from this episode is the list given at the start. How close are we? However, we are still far from the truth...

Grade: A

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