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"Weekend At Barney's"/S8E18

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 6:25 AM

By Dhruv Rao


Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have always been presented with a problem with Barney. The breakout character of a show usually has quirky habits, comic moments, and his/her profound moments. The two-dimensional characterization usually has to be accompanied by a scrutinized continuity and classic comedy. So, when the episode unfolded with the “Weekend at Bernie’s” homage, I knew it was going to have a Barney-connected theme somewhere along the plotline. And not once during the story did I regret this intuition…


This week felt like a continuation of last week’s conclusion: a scene from The Playbook. Keeping the original one in his custody, Barney hides the huge fact from his fiancée, but he uses it for his Best Friend’s desperation. The episode provided a whole new spectrum of plays from a completely different view point, especially when the new quote from it was: “My p****."


The writing here was so nimble and fleet, that I was swept away with the comedy generated while being emotionally affected. Barney’s first two attempts to get Ted out of Jeanette’s womb failed, but the third one succeeded in Ted’s eyes: he got back together with Jeanette. The breakout character once again gave another “P.S I Love You” speech, and won his fiancée over with a bouquet. However, for the Playbook, it’s officially no more. That’s why the show’s comedy just went hand-in-hand with Barney’s speech, and its theme was heart-wrenching.


The amount of crazy in the episode was limited, and I enjoyed it. The brisk open and end to Ted and Jeanette’s relationship in the first act of the show showed the various multitudes of emotions displayed within each scene. The Playbook crazy was also non-monotonous, thus culminating Ted’s single life and giving us viewers the ultimate ecstasy: his final leg before the Mother.


The entire episode didn’t seem to be like a recital, but a spontaneous burst of colours on our television like the colours of autumn: so bright. Moreover, the Marshall-Lily segment created a slight effect of drag on the plots, but eventually, it circled beautifully into a beautiful start for Lily in her new job. Marshall dropping his skittles is the second funniest moment in the episode, which also lead to him finally getting along with someone: the artist himself. Therefore, Lily also made a high quality impression on the artist.


The funniest moment was when the gang was huddled, two couples to one bachelor, and a burned item flew out of Ted’s apartment. And to officially announce Ted’s retirement from bachelorhood, the Playbook was burned and its remains were left on the road so that we can fondly remember them a little ways down the road…


Grade: A-


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