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"The Monster Isolation"/S6E17

Posted on February 22, 2013 at 3:25 AM

By Dhruv Rao

Naturalism and Realism are two very devoted movements. They've always been against the whole "Once upon A Time....Happily Ever After" storyline, and have always persevered to achieve their goal. Another thing that characterizes them is romance: which is usually a fairy tale's speciality. Naturalism expresses a wide spectrum of emotions while realism gives us the various nuances that can occur in a relationship. 

The episode had started in such a manner that I was overwhelmed for about the cold open beginning with a small reminder to us viewers. Raj isolating himself afterwards gave the faint yet tenacious light of realism: what really happens. He gets help from his friends, and finally gets Lucy's number. The sole scene which provoked a sense of disgust would be the one where he ran half-naked across the street. That felt like drag. 

The ecstatic feeling I sought out of this episode did eventually arrive. The entire episode didn't complete the whole Raj-Lucy arc, but took a step back and went real slowly. Finally, at the end of this Raj-filled episode, we saw Lucy finally admitting her little "monster" while Raj reciprocates by admitting it. The impeccable touch that scene could have was actually ruined by Raj's overflow in trying to make himself look bad. 

However, this relationship will go on in continuous variation. On the other hand, Penny and Sheldon get their bonding moment in the episode due to Fun With Flags. The naturalism Sheldon tries to acquire while shooting brainwashes the entire live studio audience, and then the viewers. However, I saw the lack of energy in the scenes concerning the flags, and deemed it a little bit inferior to the great yet a little bit dragged A plot.

Sheldon actually tries to juggle between his jerk and kind personalities here. Penny invokes the jerk in him while Amy gets his good guy out of him. However, his jerk qualities and good guy fluctuations codominate. Thus, culminating the B-plot as a half-baked mac and cheese. However, it did have its hilarious moments, especially when Sheldon got out all of his games from his suit. 

Hopefully next week will be one step ahead of this one, as I am hoping for a bloom in a relationship here. The rest of the cast get minimal screen coverage while pushing the entire story forward. The episode did end on a sweet note though, as Penny's play was a great success. However, on the whole, the episode's plots didn't fix together perfectly for an A but merged with a small splash... 

Grade: B+

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