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"The Ashtray"/S8E17

Posted on February 18, 2013 at 8:35 AM

By Dhruv Rao

This awkward week did commence in a traumatic way: I had decided to shut The DR Club down. It was a result of depression and many other non-monetary constraints. As if I were that asinine that I would proceed with it, I posted my mini-letter for y'all. It hurt a lot to have been so morose and yet unable to know the ruse one is playing on you. I may have even formed an emotional attachment with writing, and if I would leave it, I would be left agonized in the dark, where even my shadow would leave my morose life....

Isn't that what HIMYM showed us tonight? Lily gave up her art career for Marshall, and over the years she went yonder away from it. However, another solid half-hour shifted its foci thrice, and gave us the story HIMYM style: over a course of almost eight years now, every HIMYM flashback had always been incomplete without a little confusion, or even some emotional and paradoxical arcs. However, I would say that each version had its own little quirks and twists, but I would like to summarize them using the few points of intersection.

My first views on the story sought attention to Ted, as the captain was linked to him ever since the other confusion-filled episode ("The Mermaid Theory"). Ted recounts how he got together with Becky, another reprise by Laura Bell Bundy, and then the events posterior to it concerning the captain. Then, as the guys get the uanimous decision, they give him Robin's number. As though confusion wasn't coarsing in the episode enough, the Captain also confuses Robin and Lily up due to an incident, and then Lily recounts what really happened and her reaction to what it was.

In my opinion, the episode was well-played out; however, it was certainly not the best HIMYM. A well laid out focus then shifts to Robin where it is revealed that Ted's attention is short-termed as he "had a sandwich". Anyway, Robin's version had the Captain hitting on her thus putting her in an uncomfortable and awkward state with him. Yet again, Robin is proven wrong when Lily reveals that her brain was submerged in alcohol instead of being steady like hers. However, the actual story goes about like this: Ted and Robin start embarrassing Lily while they're at the exhibition. As the spoilers indicated, they ran into the captain and were invited upwards to see the painting. Lily loved an elephant painting, but the Captain seems to criticise her non-chic taste which brings Lily back to her past, and a few new hopes. 

So, in almost two years, The Captain offers her a new art career which brings her true happiness back. This is one thing about the captain which the gang never get: he's kind and sympathetic, not scary. I mean, he forgave Ted for the whole Zoey arc as well...

As great as the A and B plot were, the C plot was more of a mediocre recall of old sitcoms. Marshall and Barney were sidestepped, but they did intervene. What I actually did enjoy in this episode was the intervention of Barney and Marshall without becoming breaking characters. So, where did the episode go wrong? 

A: Barney's constant intervention.

Grade: B+

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