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"Bad Crazy"/S8E16

Posted on February 9, 2013 at 9:10 AM

By Dhruv Rao

I've always had some intuition about HIMYM. Recently, I had succumbed into their various episode titles and synopses and realized that all this writing has definitely made my eye jaundiced. Moreover, this eye never seems to enjoy HIMYM's fantasy moments, when it goes ahead in the future too often and become monotonous. In a certain way, I appreciate HIMYM's ability to not get acceded into the hoary storytelling of love and dating which most sitcoms now become platitued for. 

However, this episode's sequence included quite a lot of that repetition, but I wasn't surprised. This week's promo itself was a lackluster, with no real meaning or theme embedded within. This season, HIMYM has been going around a certain equiblibrium every episode: each plot gets a separate grade and the recombinant grade suffers due to the inferiority of the B-plot. This week, the B-plot was more of mediocre while the A-plot was more of a abhorrent cluster. The reason I describe it that way is due to the spontaneous appearances of many objects, and a very vague resolution at the end.  However, I would blame the season nine renewal for the episode's cheesy quality and undermining performance. 

The episode's mystery was kept alive due to Robin and Lily's constant, similar annual meetings, yet these meetings remained uninflected. The mystery woman turns into Mike Tyson. A simple lift turns into an extemporaneous crossing of the road. Finally, it turns out to be a mini-trip to the strip club, yet Lily isn't infuriated. Her composition deems Robin worthy as a best friend. I think that's what HIMYM's got: development. I mean, although all these misfires have occured in the past few years, we have always been avid viewers of the show. 

The A-plot wasn't completely demeaning in HIMYM standards: it did provide an acknowledgement of the premise. Scilicet, the previous girlfriends Ted has had. We flashed back at what he deems to be "the best part of being single". However, finally, and this time it's real, he wants to settle down. As a witness: a overcooked chicken thrown from a window. 

Now, the plot did answer the question: How Crazy Is Ted's New Girlfriend? Last episode, Abby Elliot was used at a perfect density while this week the writers went into overflow by showing her various menstrual changes, and the fact that she's also a cop. She throws beers at TVs, shouts at players in public, and destructs her ex-ish's appartment. Thus, I rest my case that Abby Elliot was overused this week. 

Another problem that arises here is HIMYM's issue with handling monogamy. The ClubHouse that results from Barney and Marshall's relationships are a point of notice that the show can, sometimes, include ideas from absolutely no where and pinch them into the story. Finally, as a note, I would like to say that I hope that the rest of the season doesn't turn sour just like this half-heartedly performed half-hour, a new nadir for HIMYM. Hopefully, the deftness and fleet writing will return next week with new nimbleness...

Stray Observation: "Cray-cray gotta go bye-bye before you get stab-stabbed."

Grade: C

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