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"The Spoiler Alert Segmentation"/S6E15

Posted on February 7, 2013 at 2:25 PM

By Dhruv Rao

I still remember my first warning with spoiler alerts. There's a site, whose name I am unable to recall, where all users let their inner thoughts flow out on the screen in limited words. Well, there was a huge board warning all users of discrimination if they do not include the words "Spolier Alert". So many of us were raged when we saw one of the many people omiting the sign, thus giving us the entire episode in a few lines. Therefore, I would completely relate to Leonard's reaction on Sheldon's one line spoilers.

However, I would never relate to the one-faced B-plot with no direction, which is Raj's plot. It wa just a heap of endless nonsense masking a very profound moment Howard's mother had. Moreover, the plot brought us only two scenes for Howard and one for Bernadette, which also makes my case on how useless it was. 

On the other hand, the A-plot was invgorating. It didn't keep an overall even mood, but the unevenness in dialogue that gave the plot consistency. From rage to awkwardness, then switching back to rage for a minute before "resolving" in awkwardness, the plot gave us a new way to view the couple-drama that has boiled up for almost a year now. 

As I mentioned in the introduction, Sheldon's bite-size spoilers were like chillies in Leonard's reading time, thus obligating him to rush over at Penny's. The most rejuvinating idea was to show a gender swap in opposite doors. Penny and Leonard start to cohabit, and so do Amy and Sheldon. Penny has her own doubts and uses Sheldon as her excuse to kick Leonard out without flailing his delicate feelings. However, as thought, Leonard outdoes her by giving her all sorts of excuses and winning the debate.

Similarly, in Sheldon's case, Amy provides constant logical explanations and outdoes Sheldon as well. Finally, after bottling their feelings for a while, Penny and Sheldon confess about the awkwardness of the situation and part. The confession does strike Penny hard because Sheldon blurts it to Amy. Then comes the moment where everything came to a sudden knot: the roomies are no longer upset, and try to get along while the ladies go and drink their problems out. However, this scene wasn't a good resolution. 

There were many good and clean jokes this week, but only from the A-plot. Thus, telling us that the B-plot was a debacle. Funny jokes included the constant "umm", Amy and Leonard's perseverness, Amy quoting Sheldon's agreement and the cute phone message. Engulfing the entrie episode would be a typical TBBT, but we can't actually say anything about it, can we?

This week, I had watched HIMYM's P.S. I Love You before this week's TBBT. In my opinion, the latter didn't suffer a huge burden by the former, but it may have encountered some bigotrying effects. The promo did give me the rage and awkwardness, so I didn't feel entirely overwhelmed about the plot. Anyway, it was a solid episode which added some emotions into the mix. 

Grade: B

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