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"The Cooper/Kripke Inversion"/S6E14

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 9:10 AM

By Dhruv Rao

(A recent conversation between me and the new CBS reporter. I met him while I was getting coffee at Costa and thought it would be good if we chatted for a while...) 

Reporter (R) and me is in italics. I've skipped some of the negligible parts, so here it goes:

R: So, how's the writing going on over at your end? Any heavy weights so far?

Well, it's been a bit here and there. I can feel a certain prgoress developing as I write on. However, not much of publicity nowadays, Bullocks!

R: Anyway, I just watched TBBT's latest episode. What did you think of it? 

Funny that you would mention that. I just watched it and thought I would swing by here for a chilled latte before I right the review. I really neeed to start a forum on each episode, don't I?

R: Hmm, that's interesting, I was looking forward to reading the review, but I could settle for a discussion.

Hah! You remind me of one of my teachers. Her pet was the guy behind me: no pun there. Everytime she would get fumed, she would blabber, "Yousef, finish the reading ye-!" Now, on to the episode:  au courant and derivative simultaneously. 

R: Yeah, I totally agree. Firsty, what did you think about the A-plot?

You're really starting to get the knack of this. Well, in my opinion, the show's done a great job with this plot. TBBT has done a great job by making me sympathetic for him while still showing his boor-ish qualities. Do you get what I'm saying?

R: Well, sort of. I think you're implying that Sheldon becomes modest twards Kripke while still maintaining the aura of a jerk. 

Bingo! Well, if you hear me out, you'll be able to understand what I'm saying. In summation, the plot was refreshing and brought about a new possibility. Let's start with Kripke coming into the office: a move that usually costs the entire episode. Now that's where the plot gets derivative. In this case, they actually become friends, unlike the failed attempt made four years ago in "The Friendship Algorithm". They start to work together for this proposal, and exchange papers in one of Sheldon's jerk moments-

R: A little chuckle from me and the cameramen back in the office when that scene came by. Anyway, you were saying...

Then we get the modest piece of Sheldon pie. And lemme say that this slice of pie which they have here is delicious, just like the moments posterior to the occurence. Sheldon "gives this a reading"  and realizes that he isn't anywhere in comparison to Kripke. It's like this pie and that brownie we just had. The pie was scrumptious, but that brownie was mediocre. So, he relies on his girlfriend to get him out of the embarrasment and into hero land. 

R: That's one of his jerk moments right within his modesty period. Wow, they've structured it well!

You should be one of the many writers for the review. Anyhow, once again, TBBT reaches Curb Your Enthusiasm's levels of awkwardness when Kripke and Sheldon don't talk about work but about Sheldon's coitus. The first time being this year's first: The Egg Salad Equivalency.

R: We all watched that episode, it didn't seem to catch on to everyone. Most of us said it was a drag. 

Even I thought about the episode in that way. And, tonight, TBBT gave me another chance to do it: it's B-plot. Howard and Raj's dolls do not blend with a fantastic A-plot. They are more like a fill-in for the episode. They waste money, but the Indian is rich and doesn't mind. However, the American's wife takes away his money for wasting the money. I mean, I could see the rage behind that smile on her face. 

R: Well, I've only got 10 minutes left. My penultimate question, what about Amy, Penny and Leonard?

They aren't really a major part of the episode but they do significant effects to the plot at large. Penny and Leonard initiate Sheldon's train of thought towards a physical connection with Amy, while showing the guys how bad the doll idea was. Amy comforts Sheldon, and also becomes his reason for heroic actions at the university. 

R: Finally, what did you think about the episode?

Well, the entire episode was like a stretched rubber band: pulled to extremes. This is usually the case with the show, but sometimes they manage to get both plots shining. Truly, I think that the B-plot wasn't that ridiculous, and had its own gags. But the A-plot was genius, thus culminating the episode to a "very good" status. 

R: It was great chatting with you, and thanks for your new edition of the club in print, it's really useful. 

Same here, anyway, gotta go upstairs and write that review. See you on TV...

-- So, here I am, writing this review. --

Grade: B+

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