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"Ring Up"/S8E14

Posted on January 22, 2013 at 8:30 AM

By Dhruv Rao

There are various multitudes of bigotry in the world at large. The most faddish may be based upon race, country or even religion. An example of the latter occurred just yesterday as we were discussing about interest on a deposit. Endowing with what I heeded, interest is a sin for a certain religion. At the moment all the parties to the discussion started making a unanimous uprival against the head, she blurted out a wrathful bunch of words: "I'm not here to teach you religious studies. I am here to teach you the economical definition of interest. If you're now here for that, just get out." However, as grave this situation was, I started to cachinnate vicariously. However, this didn't help me on Monday's Blues, unlike last week's blithe saying. The relevance to this week's episode: just the discrimination, with a small side-effect of withdrawl and addiction.

The former has two types here: Age and Relational. Seniority is Ted's hot water while bling is Robin's. Well, May 25th is a chief day now, but the events leading up to it are even more poignant. On the other hand, not all are worthwhile to watch. This week, one of the most emeritus theories of mine went by the wayside: Carly as the mother. In basic and asinine rumbles, Ted meets a girl who sells wrist-cuffs, and apparently starts to date her. As voodoo as her language sounds, the viability of this non-blossoming connection has to elongate due to Barney's insistence that Ted should, and must, do "stuff" with her. One of the many reasons that Ted may be the best bro for Barney is the fact that he can barge into his bedroom and wake him before the veils of the morning arrive, just for a small need or even a ninny issue. 

However, this entire plan splashes back on him as he pictures the scene while looking through a detailed yet zoomed image of this girl. (If you love Ashley Benson, this episode is for you.) He realizes that this pseudo-connection with Star Wars involved isn't what we wants: it's Karma hitting him back. So, he hastily organizes a small ceremony for Ted to turn him from bro to bro-in-law. Anyway, so much for the initiation of my train of thought two years ago. 

Robin's withdrawl is pretty walkover science stuff, with some prodigious Computer Effects. In my eyes, it was an implosion with no leetspeak involved. Musicals aren't my paramours, but there are always exceptions such as the century celebration of HIMYM and Robin Sparkles. Maybe this episode will provide me with a crisp contrast for next week's ultimate Sparkle's instalment. Frankly speaking, I'm not shocked to hear that Robin's morning started that way. Noting the fact that she has always been a dreamer with absinthe...

So, as she turns infinitesimal with the ring on her finger, she realizes that maybe it's not that bad. In addition, all she will ever see in the bar or anywhere she goes is the lustrous face of her fiancee. It may take time for her to adapt, but she's starting to love this engagement already. Therefore, her discrimination as an ugly and old woman is no longer valid...

Finally, there's the small Lily-Marshall piece. It reminded me of those sitcom pilots which are so unkempt and monotonous. Attraction, with a small bit of coitus was their part. But, they didn't have a baby scene this week: kind of a relief. If I were to scrutinize each plot as a separate child, it wouldn't work. And even with them combined into one, it doesn't click. However, the constant clicking and women in the family thing balances well...

Grade: C


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