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"Band Or DJ"/S8E13

Posted on January 14, 2013 at 9:35 AM

By Dhruv Rao

This week's Monday Blues were at their peeks, thus starting a week that might as well be long. However, maybe the Monday Blues disappered once I heard this, and maybe they won't come back, "I am not here to put you to bed. If I wanted to, I would come to your houses at night, tuck you in bed, and sing to you."  Although I gave a laugh, I was thinking something else in my mind: I really want it. Turns out I'm not the only one whose persistent with their insights while trying to revive a hopeless cause. I still remember the day I had all the time to think and decide on a profession whilst enjoying the warmth and innocence a child has. However, as things went down the road, my pensiveness had gone way off track and it was too late to go back to the autochthonous yet asinine thoughts. 

If I would have done that, god knows what would have happened a little ways down this road, and a little ways down the road isn't always positive, isn't it? At the end, I coaxed my perpetual mind in the same way Lily and Ted did tonight. As we inch closer to the Farhampton wedding chapel, we accost many vicissitudes. "Band Or DJ"  picks up in the exact time frame that "The Final Page" left us on: a glimmer of hope under the mistletoe, high in the sky with the warmth of a family. The engagement's posterior events don't fire up in confetti the way Marvin's machine does, but the stumble on to Ray Wise: Robin's father. 

Maybe the theme here was the wedding, and that's it: a very explicit theme with great filmography. In summation, Robin learns that Barney doesn't take her father's permission before proposing, which leads to her downhill relationship with her father chummy. They have lunch at her father's favorite spot thrice: the former being as a couple, the middleman as a son-in-law who tries become laudible, and the latter as a disappointed yet desperate daughter. The first time gets a denied motion, most probably because of Neil Patrick Harris' blonde hair. 

The second time gets deep into an amorous yet macabre conversation. However, Barney did make his stamp tramp on Sir Scherbs with the whole brunette look. Sir gets Stinson to flick a shot at his pet bunny, kindaa cute. The non-parallelism over here is shown magnificently: Robin hates people like her dad, so she fell in love with one who was the complete opposite. However, a small pinch of similitude pricks Robin when she finds out that, like her fiance, her dad was hiding the fact that he was tied to another woman, and didn't event invite her for the ceremony. 

The third lunch was supposed to be a father-daughter talk but turned out to be an apology which englobed her entire childhood, the same apology she strived and fought hard for, but got it only because of her lovely fiance. Noticing how the first two dinners enter the flashback stage while the third takes the forthcoming events. It seems that her father heard her pour her heart out and shed a tear. Eventually, everyone's happy but Carol; thus,  portraying Robin's Father just like Sheldon Cooper: a boor under which still lies a heart.

The B- story isn't really the most important here, but it gets Rachel Bilson back on the HIMYM lineup for now. Both Lily and Ted throw themselves at the wedding planner, for their own reasons of longingness and also as a support to hold onto. Once upon a time, many mistakes ago, Ted found Robin, and Lily's life was just painting. The fact that she wuit painting may be normal, but the way she painted her life with Marshall may as well contribute to being an artist. The thing with Ted: we get two flashbacks. The first slowly shows his course of life. The second one rushes through his veins a million times harder and stings him as hard as a bee. And as he said, he thanks God for letting him roll on to the Band, and the best one in the Tri-state area at that.

Thus completing our mystery question on the definition of, "A little ways down the road..." As we get Robin dancing happily ever after without Ted, we see him finally getting his smile as he looks then glimmers at what may be the best decision he let the gang make for him... 

Grade: A-

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