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"The Egg Salad Equivalency"/S6E12

Posted on January 4, 2013 at 4:00 AM

By Dhruv Rao 

Happy New Year! It was all good for us, but this year brings friction for Leonard and Penny, which is Alex. It shouldn't be hard to see this coming, but the episode brought us the fact that Leonard and Alex will never be a thing but Raj and Alex might as well happen. 

i) Egg Salad: 

A good simile by Sheldon. He compares Alex to an egg salad in the Texas summer: full of eggs and waiting for anything that moves to come as soon as possible. However, it all starts when Alex asks Leonard out on a date. This 'killing two stones with one rock' theory really gets Leonard excited, doesn't it? But that's in the next section. 

Sheldon gets upset once he learns that Alex is having amorous fantasies about his roommate and also best-friend. He ponders on it a little, but then turns to his Council of Ladies, i.e. Amy, Bernadette and Penny. Instead of getting something out of this world, he gets the usual reaction: talk to your employee. One of the largest and funniest quirks of Sheldon Cooper is his awkward social behavior: he never knows what to exactly talk about. This quirk really takes its toll when it sends him to the HR department. And that's because of his very detailed illustration of sexually transmitted diseases, his small talk about the ovaries and his constant mention of the menstrual cycle.

In the second half of the episode, the HR lady, Jeanine, keeps all her waiting clients on hold for this case. Apparently, Sheldon is not a good boss, but he's also not a good friend. So, instead of trying to apologize, which he will never do, he blabs on his pals and lands them with a morning appointment with the officer. That little dialogue may have been something that we were always knowing within us: Howard always had an appointment with the HR, and his ringtone used to be 'I like Big Buts'. All three of them inform their spouse/ girlfriend/ dog about the appointment, only for Sheldon to tag along as the fourth wheel, but he was there to complain to the HR department about the HR lady, which is typical Sheldon Cooper. 

ii) Insecurity:

The council of ladies gets a complicated case this week. Sheldon starts to form aliases for each character in the story:  Leonard is Ricardo Shilly-Shally, Alex is TondeLaya della Ventimiglia, and Sheldon is, of course, Einstein Von Brainstorm. The girls immediately discover the real truth lingering: Alex asked Leonard out, to his joy, and her boss was uncomfortable. Penny actually hates the bitch, but Amy's solution is what I liked the best: get the cocaine-addicted monkeys to attack her. 

Penny next appears in a scene in which Leonard gets to know his mistake: always inform your girlfriend or you'll have to face her wrath. Another form of wrath is Regina King's, who is perfectly cast as the one who offers a refreshing look by calming Sheldon with a look. In the corridor scene, Penny tells Leonard that she literally hates him for this. He makes up to her by telling her there's no need to feel insecure while playing the violin and singing on how cute he is. 

In the end, Penny makes up for herself. She does seem jealous of Alex for being smart and pretty, although she's beating Alex in the second category. To become smart, she tried to look at the science classes of her college but decides to wear geeky glasses that look cute on her instead. This line will be my favorite Kaley Cuoco line, when she lowers her glasses and says, "Molecules."

Endearing the relationship between Leonard and Penny, I would say that maybe the episode needed to occur. However, one outcome from the episode could be Sheldon getting fired from the university for making Alex attend his mandatory online sexual harrassment course. Of course, that won't happen, but the episode could have gotten a better outcome if so. But as always, good comedy! 

Grade: B

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