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Season Nine Here We Come...

Posted on December 24, 2012 at 11:35 AM

By Dhruv Rao

Maybe we were wrong about HIMYM's eighth season being its last. However, although I always had the mindset of HIMYM's ending being right in May and all of its viewers looking at it as a long lasting memory whilst watching previously aired episodes to remind themselves constantly of sitcom with heart. So, naturally, I wouldn't really approve of the renewal...

But then came last week's episode "The Final Page"  , a winner for its theme, comedy and impeccable timing. Most critics loved it, the ratings were off the hook and it brought the main point of season eight into existence. In other words, a string of episodes like this one in 2013 would not only attract many viewers, but it will also give the show a second chance to change the public's opinion on it.

What I was most surprised about was Jason Segel agreeing to act for another year. Maybe he changed his heart at the last second and gave the show its last year of approval...

If one would observe the ratings, they would notice a gentle downward movement in viewers which then leads to a sudden increase because of Brad's return:

Episode Name: (Viewers in millions)

1) Farhampton (8.84)

2) The Pre-Nup (8.17)

3) Nannies (7.82)

4) Who Wants To Be A Godparent? (7.93)

5) The Autumn Of Breakups (7.22)

6) Splitsville (7.95)

7) The Stamp Tramp (7.45)

8 ) Twelve Horny Women (8.73)

9) Lobster Crawl (8.26)

10) The Over-Correction (8.82)

11) The Final Page, Part 1 (8.70)

12) The Final Page, Part 2 (8.70)

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