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"The Final Page, Parts 1&2"/S8E11-12

Posted on December 15, 2012 at 1:05 PM

By Dhruv Rao

Originally titled "The Silence Of The Jinx" and "The Robin", these two episodes play a key role in the plot development this season and transforming Barney into Robin's fiance. Most of the season has been in shambles, but here are the two episodes which remind us why HIMYM has been so successful in any risk and trick which they try.

I kept on thinking on how Barney would muster up his courage into proposing to Robin and giving Ted his way to the Mother. Every detail of the episode told us one of HIMYM's many excellent traits: comedy, flashbacks, themes and suspense. The whole episode gave us a mini-summary of episodes 6 through 10 (from Barney's point of view) and also gave everyone the absolute happiness which they deserve.  

i) Barney:

Barney is essential in both parts one and two. In part one, he's the one upon whom the Jinx is placed. He tries to manipulate Marshall, Lily and eventually Ted into succumbing to his freedom from the Jinx. However, he then places the Jinx on the trio. Moreover, his main storyline starts in part two. He plans on proposing to Patrice in which I amusedly saw the last and final play of the playbook narrated by Barney to Robin, with each step giving us a little insight from Stinson. 

The main thing which I appreciated this week was that the transformation was right in front of us and yet we didn't realize it. It was the beauty and smoothness of the writing by which the locus of possibilities of this emotional mutation turns into a point: the point on which the seriues takes a spectacular turn towards its endpoint (whether season eight or nine?)

ii) Ted:

Ted starts with his obsession of his professor's denial of him this week. He turns to his figure of imagination where he's in the well of torture. On the other hand, he almost gets rid of the obsession until his professor denies his RSVP to the opening of his dream building while not even recalling his existence. He overreacts by driving to his past while attending his professor's lecture. We finally see the source of Ted's douchiness: the Professor Douche of architecure. He gives similar thoughts on his lesson as Ted does while boasting, "It can't get any better than this."

This leads to Ted oathing to Barney that he will not disclose the proposal. However, again, this is Barney's trap just to see whether Ted will give his blessing to him or become the selfish and deavor Robin for himself. This shows the mini-spark that was introduced before Robin could go up on the roof, her favorite place, and meet her fiance.

iii) Marshall and Lily:

The two have been a kind of strain on the season so far, or for most of it. Tonight, they get the central stage just like the others do. Moreover, like Ted, they go back to someone whose obsessed with them, creepy Daryll. (Seth Green provides the rare Buffy reunion.) He meets them and gives them their insight into the past when he was completely obsessed and then they go to the present when they get the feeling of being murdered. So, they misunderstand Daryll and lose 100,000 dollars. This ends their part one phase with a jinx.

In part two, they get anxiety from their first night away from Marvin. While they plan out each and every minute of their night, they still reminisce of Marvin and get all teary. They are the last ones to know about Barney's proposal, cause they still don't know. However, as Marshall helps Ted, Lily gets more desperate and it ruins the night. They get a small memory of his lullaby and get surprised when Mickey sung it all with perfection to get Marvin to sleep. So, now, they eventually get their little moment of pointing to the christmas tree while showing him Santa.

iv) Robin:

She's the star here, folks! She traps Patrice into unemployment due to the fact of her feelings but their sisterly relationship blooms in that moment dipped in emotions and tears. She screams, but the way Cobie does it just makes it seem funnier each time. Thus ending her part one stand with a little hope and despair simultaneously. 

In part two, her real acting starts when she gets to be Ted's date, while being unknown that she's still part of the love triangle that's about to become a segment BR. Her true nature of acting starts with the chat she has with Ted on how Barney is still a door, but it's no use opening it now. But what she doesn;t realize that the best moment of her life, while reading the trick played on her, was always in front of her. It ends with a romantic kiss under the mistletoe and a view of Ted's loneliness in the GNS building while Robin and Barney become happy in each other's arms in the WWN building... 

Loved tongiht's HIMYM, a big burst in a lackluster season that was dangling, but got tied this week. Finally, there comes the Merry Christmas from me! Happy New Year too! Cheerio!

Grades: A/A

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