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"Lobster Crawl"/S8E9

Posted on December 3, 2012 at 10:30 AM
By Dhruv Rao

What do you really want in life? A string of one-night stands, a commited relationship or a single life for the rest of your life. Maybe it's time to realize that the party can't go on forever, and settling down is the right choice. However, never forget, that you have your gang with you. Isn't that what Barney is going through now? He has a huge list of items which he's done ever since he and Quinn broke up, but they're not real. They are all cries of help. It's sad that he has no one to help him, but it's even worse that his bestfriend isn't helping him but making things worse. 

i) Robin/ Barney:

Season 5's coming down the road, here she comes! I still recall the disappointment I received once the Barney-Robin leg was over, three years ago. However, for better or for worse, we all know it's time we get that relationship up and running by the final quarter of this season. Anyways, this episode was parallel to Season Five in a few ways, but mainly the PLAYBOOK!

I still remember that episode. A similar presentation of various techniques is shown here. Just a small difference, we're looking at it from the girl's point of view. The techniques include inviting him to your office as a seduction (Damsels in Distress). However, Patrice ruins it by trying to help, typical duels. Next, she tries the new way: becoming the center of attention. First, she thinks that Barney's jealous; however, he just advertises his bibs and leaves. What can a woman do?

Go as a sexy laser-tag player, just to get shoved into some kid's face, but Barney thanks her for her help. Finally, she asks Lily and we get a mini-flashback to when Marshall and Lily just started dating and how Lily forced Marshall to make a move. As we've seen for the past eight years, Lily fantasizes about Robin and makes her own move wrapped in a big bundle of help. However, the plan is crapped for Lily as Robin chooses someone from work. Then, it gets ruined for Robin as Barney's takes her co-worker out for a session on the set. 

Yet, Barney doesn't sleep with her. One thing that this episode brought was suspense with Robin's intuition and Barney's intentions. We're ever sure who's doing what, and it slowly clears just to give up after a few minutes... 

Robin tries to seduce Barney by going over to his place as a sexy lassy in transparent lingerie, Barney reveals his intentions: he wants to spend time with Patrice. Robin loves Barney, but how can she handle Patrice with her love-filled cookies and delicious tea upon a game of bridge (I think?) I think that's a door that's closed by Robin but locked by Barney, just as Lily said. So, Scherbatsky has o find the key straight to his heart and get him back in front, behind, upon and beneath her......

ii) First, Seconds, Thirds...

Slowly, we're calling douchey Ted back. As his GNB project is over, he misses his baby and tries to get a new baby: Marvin. Mickey's out for the week, so Ted gets the perfect oppurtunity to spend time with his nephew. However, he does something much, much worse...

He takes away the prestigious, caring and motherly moment of Marvin's first crawl. And as douchey Ted does it, he takes a video, only to discover he did it with his front camera. (I often use it to check my teeth for debris.... Duchiness on a silver plate!) This prompts Lily to burst into tears, only to be calmed by Marshall saying that there are many other firsts. As the days go by, Ted's the only one who gets fun time with Marvin, which distracts Lily from being the good advisor to getting all fancy about bro-bibs. 

Finally, Lily has it her way. Just like her play six years ago, Rage, Envy and Greed took an unlikely turn: Ted gets Marvin all his winter clothing. This rages Lily to the extremes: she fires Ted and we all think they've parted ways. But, have they? 

No! Later that night, Lily finds a scrapbook filled with Marvin's first and seconds, just like the one Ted made for his GNB project. So poignant is the fact that Ted is still behind, and is trying to catch up in life as fast as he can. Back to the story, they see that Ted has done all the projects they were specially assigned to, by God himself....

They don't cancel the playdate that he organizes, but at the same time they do. They get the interviewer to appear at the waterpark, as they re-assign the interview, and then they get their ecstacy: getting their privacy. But, they don't get their revenge. So, we flashforward a couple of years to Ted travelling and keeping his baby with Marshall and Lily. As I said last week on TBBT, revenge is a dish best served cold. How? It's winter, cold, and they ditch Ted while taking the baby for his/her first visit to Santa. Cheeky and Sly, I say! 

Overall, we can conclude that Barney and Robin are each other's "lobsters". They are aware subconsciously, but are suffering from hiding from reality. However, we all know that ,somehow romantically, they will end up together in eternal bliss for the rest of their lives...

Grade: B

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