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"The Autumn Of Breakups"/S8E5

Posted on November 7, 2012 at 12:45 AM

By Dhruv Rao

It's good to have HIMYM back, right? While HIMYM took a break, I was wondering why there were a few problems in the last two or three episodes of the season. I came up with three hypothesis: i) The marking of the endpoint of the series ii) The love-friendship complications iii) The problem of execution of well-planned stories. Finally, I came to a conclusion that it was (iii), especially in the 2nd and 4th episode of the season. The titles gave away the episodes, the episodes were dull but the plan behind it was good. 

I would say that this episode is none of these traits. It is, by far, a solid  episode of the season, and reflects relationships while passing by wingmen, judgemental couples and friendship.

i) Relationships:

Ted and Victoria are center-stage in the episode. Marshall and Lily tell Ted that he's missing out on some hints that Victoria is dropping for her need for deeper commitment. So, when Ted discusses it with Victoria, she shows him her wedding dress and complains. During the course of the episode, I had feeling that we would leave the episode on a cliffhanger that would be continued as the breakups of the season. However, at the end, we get exactly what HIMYM promised us. I mean, it was mainly about how the clock doesn't reset but unpauses to add up their previous relatioship 6 years ago to the 5 month one now. So, when Victoria asks Ted for a deeper commitment, he ends up proposing to her while placing roses all over the apartment (familiar....season one finale much?) and suits up (Barney's joy!) to get to his knees before the acceptance. However, even though Robin is the sweetest girl on the surface of the earth, she tells Ted that she is the end of their relationship and that he can't be friends with her anymore. Then, the catalysts offer contradicting advices from "Victoria is being unreasonable" to "Come again for Ms. Fudge?" But Lily gets it: the history is history, but it still exists and will never disappear. One more fact is that Ted confessed his love to Robin earlier this very year, making Victoria's point clearer. So, when Ted explains to himself that neither will Robin love him nor will she grow old with him, we all assume that this friendship is over. We know skip over to the hearbreak of the episode, when we are unaware of who is on the other end of the booth. So, when he says that he doesn't love Robin but she's family, Victoria just says, "I really hope you get her someday..." So poignant, so deep, so rich, and so non-pretentious... Meanwhile, Robin and Nick's relationship has started its doubts when he gets those lame cooking catchphrases and Robin starts showing Nick that she has close guy-friends.

ii) Wingmen:

Brover is not fill-in, he's a method of telling us that Barney's breakup with Quinn has made him lonely and that he needs to be soothed. Anyways, the cold open and the last scene had impeccable parallelism with the scene encircling Brover and the blacking out, reminded me of Charlie Chaplin! On the other hand, the jokes NPH cracks are hilarious such as, "All the bitches love him!" Now, when Brover's owner calls and says that he escaped while she was on vacation. Barney and Robin go and give him back just like they did with Robin's dogs in season 2's "Stuff". Finally, she proves she is the ultimate wingman by setting him up with the chick by lying that she was her lesbian aunt who lives with her lover on a farm. Bravo, c'est tres bien!

iii) Judges:

Lily is now a teacher to Marshall because she is always the giver of ignored advice. So, Marshall tries his level best to act like a woman and give advice just that he goes rogue and finally he's testified. And then they give Ted one more advice: couples only invite other couples to assess them and act as the superiors. Much of a funny link, and is Jason thinner now? Lots of changes right there...

iv) Friendship:

Cobie, for being in the center of a love triangle, you look smoking in that slim black dress. First, she gives her friendship with Barney a priority because of the dog wingman. And then her friendship with Ted is strained, but she doesn't know it. and according to her, Ted wants to write a book, which leads her to tell him that he has a GF and he should ask her for help. To which we flashback to Ted informing Marshall and Lily, they being sad and proud, and then he declaring it to the gang. However, he lies to Robin, but we get a sort of clue that a small spark is going to glow between him and Robin because she finds out later on. 

The episode was great. It was moving, emotional, poignant, funny and built us up to the last break up next week. Let's just say "Eat my meat" and "Bon Appesuite" before we get to the "Nick: BAD BOY CHEF" ad...

Grade: B

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