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Posted on October 9, 2012 at 10:20 AM

By Dhruv Rao

I was touched by the end of tonight's HIMYM. It could have been better, but I prefer to focus on the positive...

The theme tonight was the beginning. Beginning of being dependent on a nanny, the beginning of the complaints in a relationship, and the beginning of trying to get over your ex. Let's go over them one by one...

Lily and Marshall: Lily gets back to work on Monday, and her big problem is that she doesn't have a nanny to take care of Marvin. Moreover, her father just shows up and says that he needs a place to crash because the house got burned. (How did you not realize that, Scherbatsky?) Now, they have to get a nanny in such a way that her father doesn't have to take care of the baby. Later, we discover that not only can't they find a nanny, Lily is unable to handover Marvin to any stranger. When Lily sleeps on her first day of school, we discover a whole new side of Mr.Mickey Aldrin. According to America, he ran back into the house to get a salad (Cheesy much?), but deep down, he loved Lily so much that he got Lily's childhood album in  one piece. I loved the moment building up to Lily and Mickey hugging, esp the photos and flashbacks. True feeling...

Ted and Robin: They were backstage tonight, and I felt that the start of complaining is a good buildup to "Splitsville." At first, they love their companions and argue who's relationship is clicking more. (Good euphism ;)) Victoria's a mess and Nick's a big emotional girl. 

Barney: Well, this was a failed attempt to relive "The Playbook", and Bangtober fest, who digs that? Anyways, we're back to square one wit Barney, sleeping with nannies. I liked the moment when they shove it in his nuts with baby strollers all around him. And sleeping with a 75 year old? Really? Anyways, hopefully he'll be over Quinn soon enough.

Although the episode had silly moments, I felt it was a good buildup to future material in this season. I see the difference in script from last week's failed "The Pre-Nup". However, HIMYM hasn't got to their potential yet on this season...

Grade: B

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