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TBBT- Expectations from season 6

Posted on September 15, 2012 at 7:45 AM

1)Only three episode's titles and plots have been revealed:

01- "The Date Night Variable"-

Sheldon and Amy and Leonard and Penny both have dates, but Sheldon invites Raj to his date with Amy, upsetting Amy. As a result, Raj interrupts Leonard and Penny's, only to get kicked out when he tells Penny to acknowledge her feelings for Leonard, prompting him to go to the comic book store instead, where he art. Meanwhile, a still-in-space Howard gets in a dilemma with his wife and mother over where he will choose to live once he returns to Earth.

02- "The Decoupling Fluctuation"-

Penny tries to figure out her feelings for Leonard with the help of Bernadette and Amy. Sheldon tries to get Penny to stay in the relationship. Stuart becomes Raj's new hang-out buddy to fill the gap left by Howard, and gets accepted into the social group by Sheldon. Meanwhile, Howard gets bullied by his fellow astronauts

03- "The Higgs Boson Observation"-

Sheldon hires an attractive grad student named Alex Jensen to help him with reading his preschool works to find out if he has made a breakthrough regarding the Higgs boson particle. Amy gets jealous and asks Penny to spy on her at Caltech, only to find out that Alex is flirting with Leonard instead. Meanwhile, Howard informs Bernadette that he needs to stay in space for an additional 7-10 days.

2) More News:

01- Howard and Bernadette Wolowitz:

a) Howard's living arrangement will be resolved with a lot of conflict.

b) Howard will be in Space for the first 3 episodes, He will be able to communicate with his wife and his mother through he phone.

c) He becomes very self-oriented once he comes back to Earth.

02- Raj Koothrapalli:

a) He will struggle as the only single guy in the group.

b) His love life will be explored.

03- Mothers:

a) Leonard's mother and Sheldon's mother will meet, and this will cause envy.

b) Mrs. Wolowitz maybe will make an appearance!

c) Mrs.Cooper will meet Amy's mother.

04- Leonard and Penny:

a) Their relationship will struggle as they are in different places in the relationship.

b) A third-wheel will enter the relationship, making Penny jealous.

c) Penny will consult Amy and Bernadette in order to find out her feelings for Leonard.

05- Sheldon:

a) His character will stay the same, even though his relationship with Amy will develop.

3) From us here at DR Club:

The season seems packed with possibilites, and we have agreed to give it a "B+" after reviewing the content and a recent preview. Let's hope that they can change that to "A-" or an "A" by the end of the season!

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